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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 04:30

Josh Todd Conflict artworkOK, so a solo album again from Todd - but it's the same old same old and could have been a Buckcherry album.  It starts off promisingly enough with the title track being spat out with some verve and aggression, but that soon becomes repetitive.  To be fair, the guy has a belter of a hard rock vocal - but he doesn't always choose the best songs to showcase that talent.  Too many times this album is just so grey: repeating verse chorus verse and throwing a big fuzzed up solo might fool some but it certainly won't fool all. 


If we dig down into this record and start at the beginning: like I alluded to, the opening track is decent enough - but man, it would never have made the cut for that first Buckcherry record. No way José. I guess the kids will still be impressed by tracks like 'Fucked Up', with its profanity-laden lyrics, heavy guitar thud and solo straight out of the ‘80s Warren de Martini handbook that the guys have clearly been studying.  My god did the ‘80s ever happen, or hasn't Todd gotten the memo yet?


'Rain' is more restrained and Todd turns the vocal attitude up to 11, way past any narky-ness Axl ever put on a record and then there's the solo.  Wait the acoustics are out for 'Good Enough', which in itself is a decent enough song with clichéd lyrics.  Hang on ladies 'Sorry' it ain't, so you might have to keep looking.  


Maybe I was expecting a departure from the day job, or just had expectations that were unrealistic: who knows?  Todd has a great set of pipes about his person and when used in the right way, and the right song he's on fire; but too often on this record he just sounds angry for the sake of trying too hard.  Take 'The Conflict': it just sounds like some 90s nu metal jump about combo with their baseball caps turned around and three-quarter shorts with about five inches of underwear showing.


Hold the front page… 'Story Of My Life' is a lot better, but then I find I'm losing the will to live again thereafter until 'Push It' - but three songs aren't enough for me.  Maybe this album and I were never meant to get on, which is a shame because I was keen to hear it and see where Josh Todd was taking his music; but sadly; to me he's just taken it up a cul-de-sac when he had the whole freeway open up before him.  Never mind: if you want some blistering solos and rock from several decades ago then fill yer boots - you're gonna love it. Sadly for me I'll give this a swerve from now on.  Shame that.


‘Year Of The Tiger’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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