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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 18 September 2017 04:00

MIDNITE CITY 3000x3000pxNow this album is one that I've been waiting for since the demise of Teenage Casket Company. Essentially this is the album that singer Rob Wylde has been threatening all this time. Having teamed up with Tainted Nation and Eden's Curse's Pete Newdeck - who back in 2014 released one of the best British AOR albums in In Faith's ‘There's A Storm Coming’ - Wylde has found a partner in crime who can deliver the sound we all know and love and that Wylde has been searching for.


This album is very special indeed. Okay, it's nothing new, but what we have here is something believable. I mean, back in the day we all saw and heard bands from the UK singing about the Sunset Strip. But Wylde and Newdeck have managed to replicate the sound and feel of the late '80s/early '90s rock bands such as Danger Danger, Lillian Axe but also bring it smack bang into the now.


The optimism of the opening trio of 'We Belong', 'Ghost Of My Old Friends' and 'Summer Of Our Lives' is infectious. Yes, we've heard it before, as in “we belong together”, but this album gives you the push you need to do better and strive for the things and ones you love.


The feeling I get when listening to 'Ghost of My Old Friends' rings true so for so many reasons. Be it old places that have gone, or friends no longer with us, to me it's about remembering where you've come from and also looking to the future of what's yet to come.


Up next is the first single, which is 'Summer Of Our Lives', which does sound a lot like the recent release from Waltham, the infectious 'Summer Nights'. Wylde and co deliver a glorious summer song that does sound a lot like latter day TCC. Which is a given really when you think about how Rob's vocals are a focal point of everything he touches.


On 'Nothin's Like Losing You', the band slow things down but still deliver a killer hook. Same goes with the acoustic led 'Everything You Meant To Me'. All killer no filler is definitely an apt tagline for this album.

One of the shining lights on this album is the guitar work of Wylde and new kid Miles Meakin – who shreds with the best of them.


With 'One Step Away', Midnite City take the storytelling up a notch and sound all the better for it. Another thing I love about this album, is the perfect blend of styles ranging from AOR, cock rock and power pop all in one great, big sounding album!



My only negative with this otherwise great release is that some of the songs go on a little too long. Although none of the 11 songs goes over the five minutes mark, it's just some of the longer ones could have a little fat trimmed off. But hey, that's just me and I'm more than happy with this fantastic debut album from one of the UK's newest rock bands.


So with TCC left for dead and Wylde going crazy with Tigertailz, you have in Midnite City, the band that I reckon Wylde’s musical career has been leading to. This is more than a love letter to the feelgood rock of before, but this is Wylde delivering the album of his life! Blood, Sweat and Tears! This album has it all. That's the thing I love about this album: the positive vibes I, as the listener, get and will feel when I listen back to it, as I can guarantee that this album will be getting spun for quite some time. I just hope the band get out there and give fans a taste of what Midnite City can really do in the flesh!


‘Midnite City’ is released on 20 October, with a special launch gig at the Tap ‘N’ Tumbler in Nottingham the same day (starting at 3pm).




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