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Written by Stephanie Rose   
Friday, 01 September 2017 04:30

Headcrusher artworkThis album opens into an acoustic track with the fitting title ‘Ignis Fatuus’, basically meaning a 'mysterious' light seen at night. The track delivers sweet yet eerie guitar play, with rainfall in the background giving it a certain cloud of depression. A seducing piece to allure you towards the second track ‘Seismal’, showering the listener with brutal intensity from the first second.


I was honestly expecting some deep growls, the music led me to believe such. I usually want to be terrified, and I enjoy pretending the microphone itself is metaphorically in a foetal position, as the vocalist’s heart and spit engulfs it like a demon to a virgin’s soul. However this works, the desperation in his voice is interesting and gives me the sensation of this being a thrash/hardcore something hybrid. I enjoy the guitars: they're creepy and dark. The drums keep a steady energy.


The fifth track ‘Tears of Devastation’ is a slower one, with some more stand-alone guitar play. The singer tries some clean vocals and some growl combinations that I am not feeling, It doesn't work too well with the previous tracks or what the rest of the musicians are doing. I want to say I'm getting some Killswitch Engage vibes, which isn't negative in itself; but, the vocals aren't carrying it too well.


All in all, it's an alright album. Not mind blowing, but not boring either. I am always listening for more brutality and aggression and I have a feeling if this band pushed a little more they would deliver a harder sound which would be more satisfying


‘Death Comes With Silence’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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