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Written by Dave Prince   
Friday, 01 September 2017 04:00

JG AlbumCoverKnown to most as the lead vocalist for US rock band Vixen, Janet Gardner is now finally releasing her first solo album. The album has been written, played and produced by Gardner herself along with her husband, Justin James. The record showcases a partnership made in heaven and without doubt a melting pot of rock throughout the years.


The album kicks off with the uncompromising sound of 'Rat Hole': believe me when I say that Janet has never sounded so vicious. Complete with its “Na Na Na” intro. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Janet isn't in a happy place, but you cannot help but smile as this is the album Janet has always threatened us with.


Thanks to the bang up to date production from Justin James whose credits include Collective Soul and Staind, the album sounds immense. But then again, whats a great sounding album without the songs. Thankfully the songs stand up with the best of Janet’s previous work.


Each song has a life and vibrancy of its own. but for me 'Lost' is clearly a winner along with 'Hippycrite'. Actually, if I were to name all of my favourite songs I'd be just listing the 10 song titles. Each one is great. Okay there are some better than others, but when they are all this good who cares?



One thing I love about this album is the fact that it is very hard to pigeon hole, as in some parts of songs are reminiscent of the '80s and others sound as if they came straight from the late '90s/early '00s - and this is all within the same song. Now there aren't many you can say that about.


Now Janet needs to get a band together and touring. If you love Vixen and Janet's voice take a punt on this album and wallow in music contained within.


‘Janet Gardner’ is out now.




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