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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 25 September 2009 13:31


1bitchqueenadThis four track EP from Swiss rockers - yeah, I said Swiss rockers - Bitch Queens kicks up a right proper shit storm in my ears when put through its paces. Ok, let's just say these boys aren't reinventing the wheel but that's not the point either. What they do is they "get it" and crank it up and spit it back out in a very slick well crafted noisy bunch of songs.



We kick off with lead track 'High Strung', which comes hurtling out of the speakers in full Gluecifer, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters fashion with some tasty licks coming off Diamond Dan and Kid Krystal's geetars. "Why the fuck are you so high strung?" Well boys, jumping 'round to this is a good place to start! Next up spitting out of the stereo is 'Back Home (Fuck Home)' - Oh nice one gents, not interested in radio play then?! Some more tasty licks but still no let up in the tempo and a rigid middle digit to the norm.



'First Rule' tips the hat to the Ramones (which is never a bad thing) and the track 'Commando' -  this might give an indication as to where these boys are coming from. Finally, onto the last song on offer here and curiously titled 'Raped By A Girl' but when I looked at the running length I saw it was over nine minutes - oh fuck no, not a brooding prog anthem boys, surely? Obviously not (only joking readers) this is possibly the best track of the lot with a nice tub thumping and bass intro and some AC/DC like riffing. However, it only lasted two and a half minutes then there was one of those cheeky two minute pauses and then some weird techno German/Swiss DJ sampling going on for the next four minutes. A bit weird for me but at least it's hidden at the end....maybe a bit like Rammstein if thats what you like? Not for me but it certainly didn't spoil these four songs, danke schon. Now hurry up with the full length gentlemen I need to hear a bit more snarling and spitting from this Swiss combo. Phew, I did a whole review about a Swiss band without mentioning Krokus - doh!



1bitchqueenliveAfter having this bunch of young rockers from Switzerland recommended to me I thought I'd get in touch and check em out. They hurtle off at a similar pace to the likes of the Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, even hints of bands like Motorhead and Supersuckers are in there. Singer/guitarist Kid Krystal got back to Über Röck to let us know a bit about Bitch Queens and tell us what they are up to. I even resisted the usual clichés of mentioning milk maids, mountains, chocolate, clocks and cheese (shit I just did) - anyway, over to you Kid Krystal.... 



Who influences you musically?


Our influences concerning songwriting and attitude are the Dead Boys, The Stooges, Motorhead, MC5, Ramones & Turbonegro.


What is the feedback you get from playing your brand of rock n roll locally? Switzerland isn't known for it's ballsy rock n roll is it? Do you think that could be used to your advantage?


Locally, the feedback is overwhelming. At the average age of 24, we're surprised to be a cult band in our area, which makes us really happy and we have some really nice and loyal fans who we want to thank for this. If we could use Switzerland's lacking knowledge of ballsy rock for our advantage? No, Switzerland is not known for it's kick-ass rock, but Swiss people are known for their extreme understatement and as a loud, arrogant and fucked up band you don't really make friends in this country.


What are your short term plans for the rest of 2009 and early 2010? What about gigs around Europe or further afield? What about a new album?

Our plans are some gigs following the release of our upcoming EP, recording an album in the first weeks of 2010, and a tour around Germany and Northern Europe.

As a relatively new, up and coming band do you think you have to try harder to think of new ways to reach an audience?

We don't have to TRY harder, we just DO it harder.

Without telling any porkie pies (lies) put your iPod (if you have one of course) on shuffle and tell Über Röck what the next 5 songs that get played are? No cheating!


Adam West - Thoras Hammer
Delizia - J'ai rendezvous
Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen
Monster Magnet - Cyclone
Charlie - Spacer Woman

*You have to know that we're also entertaining our fans as a DJ team, that's why we have a broad selection on our iPods, though these five tracks weren't as bad as we thought* ...

You play some cover songs live - what would they be?

We've been playing songs by the Dead Boys, Stooges and Buzzcocks. Everything which fits our attitude, no stupid punk versions of Rihanna, Britney or Lady Gaga.

So finally one last question, will Bitch Queens in years to come be remembered worldwide as Switzerland's biggest selling guitar band, an honor still held by the Swiss metal giants, Krokus!


Krokus was really famous back in the 80's.They toured the USA as one of the only Swiss bands ever and they had some cool songs. Today the singer is in the "jury" of a pop-casting-show...sad but true...


So there we have it. DJ's, Krokus fans and good old fashioned rock n rollers. Keep an eye out for Bitch Queens. Their 'High Strung' EP is out mext month and can be bought from their website -