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Written by Lee Kendrick   
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 03:00

winerydogshotstreakAhhhh... Billy Sheehan. There's a name that brings back memories. Mostly memories of my great mate Welshpablo McCarte trying to learn the widdly bit at the end of David Lee Roth's 'Shy Boy' endless times. Then he got into Mr Big and tried to learn the widdly bits in 'Addicted To That Rush'.... endless times. Then the widdly bit in 'Green Tinted Sixties Mind... endless times. Do you see a pattern developing here?? I remember wanting to wrap that blue Aria Pro around his ginger neck!!


But, despite this, I loved a bit of Mr Big myself. I especially think that 1993's 'Bump Ahead' was a bit of an overlooked masterpiece. Anyhooo... to the Winery Dogs. My initial thoughts on another 'supergroup' were "lots of musical wanking".


Mike Portnoy is not known for playing four on the floor that's for sure! Never knew much about Ritchie Kotzen only that he was in Poison for a bit.


So, after checking out their self-titled debut which was released back in 2013, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually writing songs and not some over the top musical operas and stroking each other's egos.


'Hot Streak' is their second release and it continues with the strong songwriting theme. Opening track 'Oblivion' starts with a technical riff and some tasteful double bass drumming from Portnoy. Kotzen's soulful vocal style has hints of Chris Cornell, Sammy Hagar and even David Coverdale on occasion and works well with his bluesy guitar playing.


'Captain Love' (Oo errr Missus) has an almost AC/DC feel about it with more catchy hooks and great musicianship. The title track has a superb funky vibe about it and brings to mind some classic Stevie Wonder. 'How Long' showcases Kotzen's considerable wah wah licks and has a huge chorus!


'Empire' brings to mind 'Stormbringer' era Deep Purple with Kotzen somehow managing to sound like Glenn Hughes and the aforementioned David Coverdale on the same track!


'Fire' has some wonderful haunting melodies and fantastic flamenco guitar playing from Kotzen, before final track 'The Lamb' has everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it! Hammond organ, big riffs, solid drumming from Portnoy and ends the album perfectly.


Forget about the Winery Dogs being a 'supergroup' they are a great band in their own right with quality songs and great performances.


I wonder if Carty has tried learning any of their stuff?


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