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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 04:00

Joey PinterComing from out of the shadows Joey Pinter releases this brand new self titled album of seventeen songs. Not exactly being a prolific artiste, Pinter - for the uninformed - was once a member of The Waldos, so you can guess where this record is going to be pitched right? RIGHT?


That gritty rock ‘n’ roll street tough, been there, done it, and got the scars attitude, is all over this record. From opening number 'Be Like You' to the dying embers of track seventeen 'Haldol' you know exactly what you're getting.


Sure I said seventeen tracks. Joey has had a lot of time to write material, and you get the feeling you're not being short changed at all here, and from the opening track we’re right back in The Waldos ballpark, but hey what did you expect? Pinter has a rasping voice and can certainly hold a tune as he delivers his street sermons of life as he sees it. 'Came To Dance' is a little rough but the tune flies. The record ebbs and flows nicely as you get the sort of songs you'd expect, like the slower more bluesy numbers, but they have decent arrangements with acoustic guitars introduced into the rhythm, and on songs like 'Orient Door' it actually ends up sounding like a decent Green On Red song. In fact I'd go as far as to say that a lot of this record has the Dan Stuart/Chuck Prophet about it; It's loose and 'Swamp Boogie' is a great example of this.


If you just want straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll then Joey can do that too, like the Keefisms on '@Upnorth' not too dissimilar to another singer songwriter I really like, Kevin K. You even get some repetitive synth on 'Written Down' that drives the song along. It's sloppy and loose and that's a large part of the charm and allure - this isn't something you can fake and Pinter is living these songs. There's something really endearing about songs like 'Isadora's Last Dance' in fact this whole record is wholly unoriginal but I do know it’s rock ‘n’ roll and that trumps all.


Joey Pinter has knocked out a really decent record here, full to the brim with top tunes all played from the heart rock ‘n’ roll, and as Mick once famously said "It’s Only Rock N Roll, But I Like It"…. which folks, is more than good enough for me.


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