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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Friday, 18 September 2009 08:36

Smiler_logo_2Featuring Gavin and Ioan of George Annihilation (ably assisted by Mike and Marc), Smiler bring you a 6 song taster of Sabbath/Spazz/Black Flag inspired insanity. This really does remind me of a cross between two eighties underground icons of differing styles, namely Filthy Christians and Adrenalin OD; the former for the music style, the latter for the tongue in cheek manner of the songs on offer.



If you look at their Myspace page their influences are pretty damn accurate as opener 'Greg Gin (They Live)' demonstrates. This instrumental sets the musical tone for the duration and whilst the sound is quite raw it really does have an appealing primitive energy.  'Cannon Fodder', 'Dead Beat...Get A Job' (good to see this lot saying what many people only think), 'Pro Choice....Pro G.G' and 'Olga vs Victor' zip by in Spazz cum Sabbath cum early Accused cum all sorts-styles, leaving just enough time for a damn good, very faithful cover of 'Rise Above' by the one and only Black Flag, complete with backing vocals by those all-round good guys Taint.



Good stuff, if a little rough around the edges. Go on, give them a gig, They'll happily play for beer anytime, anywhere (and that's their words, not mine).


The band's demo is available from