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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Friday, 18 September 2009 07:52

FAF_CDThis really surprised me if I'm being honest. Fall Aganst Fate's press release and Myspace page (with impressive fringe gallery I must say) had me fearing the worst and preparing myself for generic fringe/deathcore but less than a minute into first track proper 'Safety Means Nothing' all fears are dispelled. Yes, the trademark brutal riffs are there but they form integral parts of some very good songs.


Singer Jake has a good mix of styles in his repertoire and guitarists Tom and George really mix everything up really well, mixing those aforementioned riffs with melody, technicality and gentler sections. There are bits of mathcore, a bit of Snapcase, bit of Funeral For A Friend, bit of Killswitch Engage (actually Jake would give Howard Jones a damn good run for his money).  Most importantly there's substance and no shortage of style.


FAF_group'If I Were King', 'I've Been Searching' and 'It All Looks So Grand From Up Here' are all good songs which really keep you on your toes with all those aforementioned elements interspersed throughout them. 'Sirens' is being released as a single and really is the flagship song of this EP and I could see this getting a fair few circle pits going in the near future. A bit of fucking class, no mistake.  'The Beast (Omega)' finishes things up nicely and I'm sat here with a nice warm glow (and no I haven't shit myself again), feeling quite chuffed to have unearthed a nice little gem.


If you like your Bring Me The Horizon, Ghost Of A Thousand, Funeral For A Friend, and Killswitch Engage come on down.  If you just like damn good music come on down. 


Fall Against Fate - spin that wheel !!!!  (God, Leslie Crowther would be proud of me)


You can contact the guys via their Myspace at  www.myspace.com/fallagainstfate