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Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 17 September 2009 07:27

  mariachi-el-bronxPicture this! You are an aspiring scriptwriter, and you have dreamt up a screenplay revolving around a gang of fast living Hardcore Punk Rockers, who by night turn into a soul sweet band of Mariachi, who in turn take over the planet with their sobering laments to love and loss.


I'm guessing you'd be laughed out of every studio from Hollywood to Bollywood with your 'Leningrad Desperados' script, wouldn't you?


Well, maybe, but that is exactly what Los Angeles' finest exponents of true hardcore punk The Bronx are doing here on their first album as their alter egos El Bronx, and boy don't they do it well. So well that as the Autumn draws ever closer this album is the perfect reminder of that hot summer's day we had recently, and the perfect soundtrack to the last punk rock picnic of the year.  


Throughout The Bronx career I have waited patiently to finally hear Matt Caughthran get his chance to drive the songs melodies as opposed to the frenzied riffing of Joby J Ford and his masters of madness, and on 'Mariachi El Bronx' he certainly surpasses all my anticipations. 


Matt's caustic yet soulful rasp driving the swoopingly beautiful tracks 'Cell Mates', 'My Love' and 'Holy' over a fully authentic Mariachi sound, and you'll forgive this Uber Rocker if he confesses to having goosebumps during these magical moments. Emotional hardcore with the strings, accordion and trumpets cranked up to the max. 'Lititigation' is the sound of a thousand joyous pinata beatings, whilst 'Slave Labour' could keep the hardiest Flamenco dancer at bay with its thunderous delivery. 


Sadly, the eleven tracks on offer here do not include El Bronx's rather unique take on Prince's 'I Would Die 4U', if it had you would be looking at a damn near perfect album to crank up and lose yourself within. 'Mariachi El Bronx' is unashamed self indulgence, but just the same it's one hell of a feelgood album if you can throw off the shackles of everyday music.


Right I'm off now to write that script, before Matt Caughthran copyrights it.


Viva El Bronx!