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Written by Nev Brooks   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 05:30

giant_brainI am a huge fan of Small Stone Records, some of the music to come my way over the last 3-6 months has been nothing short of intense (Tia Carrera excepted!!) and then this album came through the door from Über Röck HQ and totally threw me. 


From a schizophrenic viewpoint I can't even come up with an opinion on it which doesn't vary from day to day. God knows what an audience will make of it? But is there anything wrong with music pushing my boundaries or anyone else's for that matter? Isn't that what music is for? So what have we got then? Giant Brain provoked some very strange thoughts I can tell you, Klaus Wunderlich for the new generation being one and stoner 'lounge music' as another. The bulk of the album is instrumental - there were some vocals in 'Empyrian', various samples at other points, but overall lots of bass driven keyboard style with some "nasty" at times guitar overlaid, lots of sampled drums, but also live drumming; confusing to my non-muso brain (no wonder I'm all over the place). 


Where do you go for influences? There's a bit of space rock, a bit of driving techno, some nice stoner guitar so the bands I tend to veer towards trying to pin it down are all over the place, from the Orb (remember 'Little Fluffy Clouds'?) to Hawkwind, elements of Steve Hillage and Gong (nod towards Mr Edwards for re-introducing me to them, actually buying me a ticket after a drunken Friday night Facebook conversation). But looking deeper and darker there's a bit of not so chaotic Can about them.


Ultimately though I still can't decide what to make of this offering. I have played it numerous times and no individual song sticks, I listen and then have to re-listen in order to get something to sink in hence the lounge music quote earlier. You have to take the album as a whole and let it play in the background, and finally drift off with the lapping waves in 'Drowner' before air sea rescue picks you up as the album plays out (listen you'll see what I mean).


On a final point the album has one of the greatest song titles ever, 'This Is Where The Robot Escapes His Evil Captors, Finds Ray Gun And Plans Revenge' - Nuff said. I would recommend giving this album a go - make your own mind up....but be prepared.