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Written by David Prince   
Monday, 06 September 2010 05:00

kiriaKiria is going to kickstart a much needed makeover of the 21st century pop-punk scene. Taking her cues from 80's greats Transvision Vamp - Wendy James being an obvious starting point - and taking a distinctly British sense of humour mixed with a femme fatale image, Kiria is looking to taking over the world.

Lead single 'Jelly Baby' comes blasting out of the speakers with such an annoyingly infectious riff and über cool lyrics - "Jelly Baby, you knock me off my feet, Jelly Baby, you look like you taste so sweet" - this lady appears to have it all. This leads into 'Fussy Girl' which Kiria wastes no time in letting us and any potential partners know that she requires them to adore her but does not want any diamonds or pearls. In other words everything a guy or gal wants from a prospective suitor...

The track that I think will get Kiria out to the masses is the third song on offer, 'Radio', where she delivers the beautiful simple line "don't wanna live like a battery hen, they feed me the same shit again and again" - What is there not to love about this star!

This debut album showcases twelve irresistible sweet melodic pop songs that Kiria has given birth for us to enjoy and revel in their delight. To give you an image of how great this new artist is try Transvision Vamp, with an unhealthy obsession with Kay Hanley/Letter to Cleo. Yes, it truly is THAT good!

Closing track 'Live Sex On Stage' is a raw, raucous tongue-in-cheek duet with Paul Kaye, who some of you may know better as anarchic comedic geniuses Dennis Pennis and Mike Strutter! The PR info states that the video for this song has clocked 75,000 YouTube plays, maybe being mistaken for something else but still pretty impressive nonetheless!

Needless to say I'm gonna be on the lookout for any live shows in my area as the six foot loveliness of this timeless beauty and the universal pulling power of gorgeous pop is too much for me to miss!

Having been inspired by Hendrix to pick the guitar up at the tender age of thirteen and crediting the instrument as the escape route from the North London housing estate she was raised on, by the age of seventeen Kiria was perfecting her craft with her first band Suck Baby Suck and then on to Friction leading us to the here and now with the release of 'Radio'.

This lady is wet pantingly AWESOME! I just cannot believe it has taken 22 years since Transvision Vamp and 17 years since my discovery of Shampoo to find an artist to take their place in my heart! To quote a line from the violin/piano playing maestro "Jelly Baby, you knock me off my feet!"