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Written by Ben Hughes   
Monday, 01 September 2014 03:00

mingcityrockerscoverApparently the Lincolnshire town of Immingham is so bad they dumped it right next to Grimsby and that's not my opinion that comes straight from the band who live there. Immingham is nicknamed Ming, hence the band name: does that make the inhabitants Mingers then I wonder? Unless you work in the Petrochemical Industry there isn't a great deal going on there, in fact the only famous person to hail from Immingham is Soham murderer Ian Huntley. I feel for the local tourist board, I really do.


It's no surprise then that Ming City Rockers songs deal with small town anger and getting wasted, there is also a certain nihilistic attitude. They want to get the fuck out of their home town and they will drink and piss people off as much as they can while they attempt to accomplish it. After a period of 7 days in a Sheffield recording studio they are half way there as the Ming City Rockers have banged out one of the finest and trashiest Punk Rock albums this year.


They have been banned from the only live music venue in Immingham, the bassist gets mistaken for a girl, the guitarist for a boy and they claim to listen only to Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Iggy Pop. Their live gigs usually end up with dumb struck crowds and blood on the drum kit. Are you interested yet? I think you should be.


There's a definite New York Dolls/Stooges garage rock vibe going on here, take excellent opener 'I Wanna Get Out Of Here, But I Can't Take You Anywhere'. A breakneck speed Punk Rock ditty, it's 'Raw Power' meets 'Cold Metal' on crack. Quiet easily their signature tune, it describes their sound and their attitude to a tee, small town anger, defiance and alienation all wrapped up in harmonica-soaked, Blues-fuelled garage rock, taking things back to basics.


Vocalist/guitarist Clancy Jones snarls his way through the album like some young, quirky Jack White as his bandmates Morley (guitars), Jakki (bass) and Doc (drums) ably make the desired noises to back him up.


Single 'Twist It' mixes up Johnny Thunders licks, fuzzy guitars and chanting gang vocals making it the most desirable 2 minutes I've heard for quite some time. Imagine if The Stooges or MC5 had been born on the banks of The Humber rather than the streets of Michigan, they might sound just like these guys.


This self-titled debut album is a 3 chord fury as one song whizzes by after another in just under 30 minutes. Raw, energised and dripping with a nihilistic attitude, it's safe to say Ming City Rockers mean it, baby!


'Chic And The Motherfuckers' may be a contender for coolest song title of the year but it's also a trashy slice of rock 'n' roll. Sure it follows a tried and tested simple Blues formula but when performed with such intensity and conviction it breathes new life into that formula.


Take just one spin of the likes of 'She's A Wrong Un' and 'Rosetta' and I know you'll love it, a small town band with big intentions. They seriously bastardise the one cover, the band's take on Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads', injecting some Punk attitude yet keeping the original vibe of the song intact.


There's a lot for us lovers of all things Glunk here, the guitar riff from 'Your Always Trying Too Hard' reminds me of something off 'Satellite Head Gone Soft' by Last Of The Teenage Idols, great gang vocals here, it's got it all going on. The no frills production and live feel brings to mind Soho Roses, those scuzzy, late '80s punks Uncle Sam and a smattering of The Rezillos but there is also just as much of a White Stripes vibe going on which could be the key to their success.


Future teen anthem 'Get Out Of Your Head', with its catchy chant of a chorus, will be the soundtrack to a legion of black clothed, skinny jeans wearing teens, applying guy liner and teasing their hair while drinking Polish vodka preparing for a Friday night with nothing better to do.


This album is dirty and raw, like its creators it's young, snotty and nonchalantly sticks two fingers up at its bleak and boring surroundings in an attempt to break free from the monotony of daily life. The Ming City Rockers will leave Immingham behind, that is for certain, they could even be the next big thing waiting to happen, I just get the feeling that you will hear more from The Mings from Immingham.




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