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Written by Mark Granger   
Monday, 12 August 2013 03:40

scorpionchildlbumcoverDo you like choruses?


Do you like riffs?


Are you fond of Led Zeppelin and other blues orientated heavy rock bands?


Then please welcome Scorpion Child. You're going to love them.


That being said don't think Scorpion Child are just rolling out the retro, the whole album has a modern edge that raises them above many of the wash of similar sounding bands out there. Vocalist Aryn Jonathan Black has a wonderful Robert Plant-esque wail that does the old Thom Yorke trick of sounding impassioned whatever he sings and the guitars of Chris Cowart and Tom 'The Mole' Frank varies between classic rock and modern metal making sure that you never feel like you're listening to a record from thirty years ago.


The records opens with 'Kings Highway', a mid paced monster of a song which will have you banging that head in under a minute when, after a sparse opening, a storming chorus kicks you in the head. Then you get riffed to death on 'Polygon Of Eyes' which boasts a riff that seems intsantly recognisable although you haven't heard it before. One of this album's greatest strengths, and that of the band, is while borrowing from all rock clichés from the past fifty or so years they manage to keep you guessing throughout the whole album. Most albums follow a pretty standard structure - 'Scorpion Child' does whatever it likes. Sticking mid paced riff-fest 'The Secret Spot' after such an adrenaline blast of a tune like 'Polygon..' should ruin the pace of the album but it doesn't because the strength of the song is such that after thirty seconds you're so engrossed that it doesn't matter. Then it gets epic. Well, in sound at least. 'Salvation Slave'  moodily stomps along before going all spacey on a solo break. The songs also contains a chorus that will stick in your head for days. You won't think so at first but you'll find yourself singing it when you least expect it.


'Liquor' rings the pace back up a notch and throws another bunch of hooks at you, then 'Antioch' gets all arena on your ass with a chorus designed to be sang by thousands of people at once. The twin assault of 'In The Arms Of Ecstasy' and 'Paradigm' reminds you that Scorpion Child know how to kick arse with the best of them. 'Paradigm' in particular rocks like a motherfucker and could easily fit on a Mastodon album if it was tuned a couple of tones lower. 'Red Blood (The River Flows)' is the only thing wrong with the album but that's only because it signifies the end. The song builds and builds in much the same way as 'Stairway to Heaven' does. Starting out almost whispering over an acoustic guitar, Aryn's vocals become more and more impassioned as the song progresses and the guitar slowly layer until the song reaches a climactic and explosive solo.


Scorpion Child are one of those bands that are more than the sum of their parts. Upon listening to the album you will pick up on plenty of homages to bands gone by but you'll leave the album with only Scorpion Child on your mind.


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