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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 27 August 2012 05:00

mercuryundergroundThis is classic rock made modern, and these Glaswegians seem intent on grasping their opportunity with both hands. You can hear a wide range of influences from NWOBHM to a touch of Prog but don't let anything put you off a listen of these three tracks because this lot just may be starting a large journey.


It's three tracks of loud, drum bashing, axe wielding at its unabashed best. 'Shockwave Solution' opens with a great fret board finger extravaganza courtesy of mainman D.R. Webster, before they head down a classic rock route with gusto and vigour which takes you along for the ride until the very end. 'The Great Escape' is up next and although not the soundtrack to a classic war film, it's certainly a pounding track that could aid in jumping a fence on a motorbike - again, the guitar work of Webster is to heralded (perhaps even a little nod to Maiden guitar-work is in there too). 'Stealing Hope' is less heavy but continues in the same vein with another slice of fret-tastic finger work and although for my money the weakest track on here, it's still worthy of a good few listens to get you into the 'Underground mentality.


Having supported the likes of Gun, Voodoo Six, Attica Rage and Adrenaline Mob, and having recently started hitting the festival circuit, Mercury Underground are building up a great base on which to rise up and be a UK band that could hit the heights sooner rather than latter.