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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 04:30

crimsonicCrimsonic hail from Helsinki, Finland and they're yet another good rock/hard rock band to add to the Finns' rock roster - one that already includes Nightwish, HIM and The 69 Eyes (plus the obvious Don that is Michael Monroe) and further proof that they do rock just a little bit different and quirkier than a lot of other countries.


Although being a relatively new band, this four piece really seem to know what they want to produce as a band. Throughout the whole album they display a cool sense of melody and range and never dip into the boring territory of rock radio so often touched by a lot of the more melodic bands.


'Red Hot Devil' (one of the best tracks on here) starts off proceedings and it's the start of an album that seems to take its influences from A LOT of bands but they never dip into anything too much that you can compare them too for long. There's an obvious Europe link occasionally but it's certainly not an '80s Glam/AOR album.


'Avoided' is one of the highlights of the album (plus it's their new single) and it's more in the Rasmus camp - a mellow start that builds and builds until you get to the the chorus where the guitars gently riff in the background; it's almost as if they try and keep that riff hidden in the background which is quiet a clever trick (whether they meant it or not?). 'Reason' is the syrup ballad that carries a message - peace and harmony my Uber friends - and it's a song that could easily be a small hit. 'Virus' is another riff-heavy song that takes them away from that pigeon hole that you start to put them in. With a heavier tuned guitar sound and vocalist Turre taking a deeper setting to pitch his voice, it's another good song to add to this album.


'Another Night' (featuring female guest vocalist Heidi) is the sugar soaked ballad that is a contender for retro glam song of the album before they crank it up again with 'Hate/Love' which reminds me of NWOBHM with its gang vocals - it's another twist in the tail of this Finnish four piece. 'She Bends' is also worthy of a mention and probably the most catchy song on here (it's certainly the one that I can't seem to stop singing in my head!).


Overall, 'Silence Too Loud' is a pretty decent album primarily for fans of the likes of the Rasmus or even HIM, plus the glam fraternity. Eleven songs that are worthy of you exploring.


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