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Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 05:00

gnoBonjour les gens........I'm here checking the new release from French power trio GNÔ.


A rather funky intro progresses into a flowing heavy sided melodic piece - all this in the form of the opening tunage 'Here I Stand', an interesting and promising little start if I do say so. 'In My Place' kicks in with a heavy groove with an intrepid verse section with a ragga/Zappa-esque/slight grunge slant, some neat catchy harmonies on whole reminiscent of Texan music legends Kings X and these stand out on 'The Keeper'. The six string work in particular is of note, courtesy of vocalist/singer Christophe Godin coming into prominence on title track 'Cannibal Tango' and 'Fever (The Battle Rages On)' - also check out the intro sample on 'Cannibal Tango' lifted from the Hollywood blockbuster 'The Silence Of The Lambs'.


The album cover is worth a view too with its vampiric Dusty Bin type creation seemingly getting ready to lunch on whatever or whoever crosses its path. 'Hate Incarnate' has a Danko Jones influence possibly taking charge of things but, going back to that Kings X inspiration, there is a delightful middle eight as well, but it must be uttered strongly some elements of GNÔ originality still abounds.


Gaby Vegh's bassline brings in 'Get Out Of My Way', another guitar-driven rocker and more twiddly twiddly fretwork, not a million miles removed from a certain Mr Vai and a MrSatriani. 'Russian Girls' is a drum-led affair from the charmingly named stoolsman Peter Puke and yes, those guitar solos are fully functional once more. The movie 'Hard Candy' provides the sample used in the introduction to 'Demon Disco', a mixture of power riffage, Rammstein-like spoken word and harmonic vocals. 'Be My Pride', 'Fathers & Sons' and 'Inner Feelings' bring things to a close in a fitting matter with the latter maybe being the most commercial and charming tune on offer and with one of those "I've got to wait another 10 minutes for the hidden track to kick in" and the guys swing it up with a vocal, finger clicking, havin' a laugh moment of relaxation time at the end of the studio session.......anyway..... "C'est La Vie."