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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 05:30

AESTHESIAFeaturing cameos from Swedish legends Thomas Silver (formerly of Hardcore Superstar) and Kenny Hakensson (Hellacopters), mastered by Swede Bjorn Engelmann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies) and looking cooler than Conny Bloom in a whiskey advert.....guess where this glam lot come from????


Yep, France.


Another French band come and try their luck with this, their second album, 'Shattered Idols' and the opinion is Oui Oui!!


Having got their touring teeth sharpened with Euro slots with Vains Of Jenna, Rose Tattoo and Gun, they have turned out a pretty good effort. 'Greed Machine' instantly has a Backyard Babies sound coupled with a non screeching Axl Rose vocal effort - good start I'd say. 'Lyna Red' truly proves that this lot must love BYBs, especially in singer Nico Marlyn's vocal delivery which echoes Nicke Borg's drawl throughout the disc on the more subdued tracks. 'Under 16' see Thomas Silver make an appearance and it sounds just like an early HCSS track so much that I even checked if he'd written it, but no, credited to the band only - compliment I'd say? 'Hometown' is Backyard Babies in reflective mood, whilst the influences of LA Guns-style guitar and writing seep through in some real guitar feel in the excellent 'Hoodoo Queen'. Kenny Hellacopter's bass must have thought it took a trip down memory lane as 'Tales Of Underground' is essentially a Hellacopters track with an Axl vocal over the top. Great guests that really (I guess?) must have been chosen for specific tracks rather than just to add a 'name' to their own disc for promo purposes. All in, a very solid performance that's worth checking out. You may just be surprised?


Essentially if you like the sound of the Backyard Babies sound checking with GN'R then come grab a piece of Aesthesia.