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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 05:00

__Third_Sound_-_Layout_vinyl_1283793243Berlin based The Third Sound is the brainchild of Icelander and former Singapore Sling member Hakon Aoalsteinsson. Written and recorded in Rome with his partner in crime Francesco D'Onofrio, they take inspiration from country, blues and a hefty amount of psychedelic influence.


The cryptic press release states their experimentation with new mixing techniques inspired by a theory known as The Third Sound...any ideas? I took this definition of the Third Sound by Terzo Suono from their Facebook profile: "Whenever two notes are sounded together loudly, precisely in tune and sustained, the conjunction of resonant waves results in a third note whose pitch geometers and physicists have tried to determine, but so far this question can not be considered as completely resolved"....


So have they found this elusive note then? What is this note that has eluded musicians and physicists since the beginning of rock 'n' roll? After a lot of thought on the matter I personally reckon it's a note that cannot be heard by the human ear, you know, like a dog whistle, but I have been known to be wrong. Anyway, if they have found it, is it a good one? Read on to discover...


'At Heaven's Gate' opens the album with a serious Stone Roses vibe, indie drum beat, effect-soaked guitars and tripped out vocals - it grooves along but not really leading anywhere in particular. 'Gloria' flows at the same pace with a Hank Marvin inspired guitar riff, giving it a sincere '60s feel. The title track lifts things a bit coming on all My Bloody Valentine; it's pretty depressing sounding stuff to be honest.


'J.S.D.' is a tripped out psychedelic ride to oblivion, all tambourines and fuzzed guitars it ends with a wall of feedback. If these guys aren't tripped out on some serious drugs I would be very surprised. It's all very samey though, with not much change in direction the songs suffer and nothing really stands out,or makes the listener want to come back for more.


The best way I can describe The Third Sound is like a road trip through the Arizona desert; it's a long straight road with no turn-offs to discover, no change in direction or scenery and no end in sight. The vocals do nothing to lift the music and don't really compliment it, they drone on at the same level. With not much soul or energy coming through it all sounds pretty lifeless to me, but hey that's shoegazing for ya! If The Third Sound have discovered this elusive note then I feel it is a dull one and they should put it back where they found it.


This album is probably best listened to when off your face on a heavy dose of psychedelic drugs, unfortunately none came with this package so I had to make do with a cup of tea. One for shoegazers, depressed teenagers and fans of My Bloody Valentine. Oh yeah and maybe your dog might like it too!