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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 31 August 2017 04:30

Stevie R PearceWell, let’s be honest: who here was expecting this? I know I wasn't, but since it's here it makes perfect sense for Stevie to drop his own album- and if you are sitting comfortably then I guess you're not doing this right. Get up, turn the speakers up and get ready because from the opening riff 'n' roll of 'Bad, Bad Day' your sonic calm is over. With a filthy overdriven sound, this one's a hybrid of everything Pearce has been playing with these past few years rolled into one beast of a sound. It's raw, but barely in control; it sounds like a guitar that can cut through anything over driven, but in a good way, and a chorus even the biggest, drunkest rocker can get his noggin around.


'Goin' Down' is up next and there is a mixture of Traci Guns and some of the harder punk of the early ‘80s being cooked up here as this beast gets outta control. I do love the scuff ‘n’ roll of 'Nobody Loves You' as the grind of the rhythm fits perfectly with the vocals and groove of the song. 'You' is a more laidback number with a great intro and my favourite so far: it would be great to hear this played live, where it would fill arenas.


The boy gets his acoustic out for 'Same Old Story' as he gets his best Joe Perry on for a trip to the delta, before the band join in for a huge groove, showing that not all southern rock needs to be generic and dull. Flitting from style to style, that boy Pearce plays his cotton socks off on the balls to the wall rocker that is 'Can't Turn Your Back On Blood': but, in direct contrast, 'Til Something Better Comes Along' has piano and is a mid-paced arena rocker that wouldn't be too much of a stretch to hear played on mainstream radio.


To carry on the late night laid back feel, 'Mama's Door' is simply voice and guitar for the first minute before the Hooligans join in and kick back, whilst Stevie eases back and shows another side to his songwriting as it leads to his finest solo on this whole record.


If you want a curve ball, then look no further than 'Fulsome Prison Blues' getting the shit kicked out of it - and when it's lying lifeless, it gets its neck rung. Not sure Cash would approve - but I know he'd be terrified and amused in equal measures at this bold take on a classic: let's be fair why would you want to cover such an iconic song in any other way that totally owning it?



To close off this impressive hard ‘n’ (mostly) heavy offering, 'Doin' Okay' again showcases why this guy was hired by Warrior Soul and Love/Hate to turn up his guitar and play. It's a song to again show how this guy can wield his six string as he tips the hat to the likes of Jimmy Page who would, in turn, doff his cap in appreciation for what Stevie has achieved on this here record.


This is a strong and supremely confident record by a guy who loves what it is he does and given the opportunity can write a song with authority and style all of his own and it has mass appeal. I can see people really loving this record if given the chance to hear it; whilst mixing a variety of styles Stevie has created one of his own, and having an identity in this crazy business is not always easy. Play it to your friends and play it loud: these hooligans deserve it!


‘Stevie R. Pearce & The Hooligans’ is released next Thursday (7 September).


Stevie R. Pearce & The Hooligans play the following dates:

Thursday 7 September – Edinburgh, Bannerman’s

Friday 8 September – Wakefield, The Snooty Fox

Saturday 9 September – Evesham, The Iron Road

Thursday 14 September – London, The Lounge

Friday 15 September – Basingstoke, Sanctuary


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