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Written by Stephanie Rose   
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 04:00

Scalpel artworkFirst off, I want to say I enjoyed this album. The energy is incredible, the vocals are especially deep and the guitars seem to detach and go off on their own adventure - and it works for me most of the time. It gives me some brutal gore death metal here, staying true to the genre: the titles of the tracks could all be titles of horror films.


The album opens with ‘The Cleaner’, it kicks off with a deep growl and hard hitting drums. The musicians are all in: I envision them all headbanging in unison while some deranged Dr Mengele character rips victims’ guts out in the corner. The guitars, as previously stated, go off on their own thing: the solos are clear and planned, jerked out with thought and precision. I appreciate how the band gives the guitars time to reach out during the track; it gives a certain sound and rhythm I feel I've lacked from other gore death bands.


The second track, ‘The Labours of Loathing’, gives me some Deicide vibes, which is a good thing; that balls in your face aggression expected from death metal is loud and clear.  Third up is ‘The Stink’. I particularly enjoyed this track, although the sudden masturbation of the guitars was a bit random and ended as fast as it began. The vocals on this track are beautiful: from the deepest growls of hell to raspy horror of something half dead, it is enticing and satisfying.


The tracks on this album aren't repetitive, which tends to the critique I get stuck on: they are very different and don't blend into each other. The rhythm of this album is striking, every song keeping me interested and wanting more. The intricacy of their sound is brilliant.


All in all, a great gore death metal album.


‘Methods To Delusion’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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