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The SoapGirls – ‘Society’s Rejects’ (Self-Released) Print E-mail
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Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 25 August 2017 04:00

SoapgirlscoverFrench-born rock ‘n’ roll sistas Ca(Mille) and Noe(Mie) Debray grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, selling soap on the streets from the age of nine, hence the name. They even have a dedicated group of followers called The SoapSuds... honestly, I’m not making this shit up! Check out that cover art: those aren’t a couple of models posing for a band shoot - that’s the band right there. Mie on guitar and Mille on bass, both girls share lead vocals and they are joined by Skindred drummer Arya Goggin who does a sterling job hitting things for the duo.


‘Societys Rejects’ is a debut album that shows these girls may look pretty on the outside, but underneath there happens to be a snarling, bile-spitting bitch ready and waiting to claw out the eyeballs of the unbelievers. Think Hole, think L7, think any other grotty Riot Grrl band that has ever dared to go against the grain and refuse to conform to society. But there is a pop/punk sensibility to The SoapGirls scuzzy music as well, that brings to mind the likes of The Veronicas at times and even Avril Lavigne.


Lyrically, the girls draw on their own life experiences or tales of those close to them, and boy are they pissed! Whether its politics, ex-boyfriends or life in general, The SoapGirls deliver with attitude and a middle finger defiantly stuck in the air.


The anthemic title track opens the album with teenage gang vocals in all its SK8R GRRL glory, not a bad thing as they do it with conviction and honesty. The teenage hate anthems continue one by one, with a hint of The Distillers kicking things in to touch on the following ‘Johnny Rotten’. ‘Break You’ is a full on punk rock diatribe that opens with a spoken word rant, presumably aimed at an ex-lover, inciting the hapless chap to choke on his ball sack, before descending into a fit of primal rage. One thing is clear, you really don’t wanna fuck with these two.



But they can sound sweet if they so desire. ‘Bury Me’ is a more laid back offering and excellent album closer ‘Rather B Dead’ is a seductive, yet dangerous affair, the girls stating they would rather be an enemy than be friends with the subject of this potential break-up song.


The likes of ‘Original Sin’ and ‘Bad Bitch’ prove the band are strong competition for the excellent Hands Off Gretel and come to think of it, the two bands would make ideal modern day Riot Grrl touring partners.


Mixing up raw, punk power, simplistic riffs with pop sensibilities, The SoapGirls deliver a strong debut long player choc-a-bloc with guitar-driven, fuck you songs that put them right up with their peers. Proof that sistas are doing it for themselves, mixing up the sounds of grunge and punk with female empowerment. The only drawbacks... real punks will hate them for being too pop and pop fans will hate them for being too raw, but there’s a niche there for pissed off teenagers who will love them to pieces. I just can’t see many male fans wanting to be known as Soapsuds though.


‘Society’s Rejects’ is out now.  You can get your copy HERE.


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