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Written by Stephanie Rose   
Tuesday, 22 August 2017 04:00

Necrosis artworkThe first song on this album, ‘Staring Through She Sun’, opens with a kick of rhythm taking me back to some good ol' Pantera, with deathcore vocals and hyperactive punk drums. After the welcome nostalgia, the track evolves into full-fledged deathcore, the drums go on a wild tangent while the guitars stay more or less the same throughout. The vocals aren't showing me much soul at this point: it feels empty. I would've liked the vocal to give more room to the guitars: it seems to take more room than it's able to uphold. Like a kitten trying to bench-press a Dobermann, getting crushed in the attempt.


The second song on the album, ‘Fury’, starts off rough, but seems to progress into the same pattern as the opening track, where the vocals and drums dominate everything. I'm left with a feeling of familiarity - or rather not a feeling at all, as the vocals are still lacking personality.


‘Abysmal Descent’ is the third punch of the album, giving me much more guitars - although very repetitive - I may or may not be left with the thought that the singer/programmer Bob is not a drummer nor should he be trying to be. This song's 5.45 minutes seem very stretched; I would have been more inclined to mention a positive note if they had ended it at three minutes.


The tracks in the middle of the album seem to fade into each other and I don't really know without looking where one of them ends and the other begins. The vocals are overbearing and monotonous, they spontaneously programme in some blast beats. On ‘Crying Havoc’ they tease with some doom/death that hardly lasts long and makes me want to wreck some havoc on the album. On many of these tracks the structure falls apart; it shows promise and then crashes, like on ‘Structual Decay’, where the structure literally and musically perishes.


The definition of Necrosis is when a cell dies as a result of certain injuries, and I would say this album’s injury is mainly due to the unstructured and unbalanced coalition of instruments. The drums albeit fitting to the genre are clearly programmed and this is evident throughout the album. I am the type of metal enthusiast that requires the impatience and the balls deep fury of a human drummer.


‘Mythogenesis’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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