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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 21 August 2017 04:30

Dukes Of Bordello artworkHaving reviewed the debut album from the Dukes – which, I might add was a very pleasant surprise - I was asked to take a listen to album number two. I was quite looking forward to hearing it on the strength of that debut.


Without any flannel and fuss 'All In The Name Of Rock And Roll' spews forth from my speakers – but, whilst I always like to hear new albums louder than the average household, and having the means to do so, shit the bed, there was no need for it  to be quite that loud! Flying out with some raw, vibrant and exceedingly well played punked up rock ‘n’ roll in the shape of 'All In The Name Of' - and boy it sounds good. I love the sound of a well slapped stand up salamander stick, especially when it's mixed with some raw guitar and cool lyrics.  The Dukes certainly hit the spot on the opener and it doesn't stop, when the marvellous 'Hellvis' rolls through the speakers. If The Living End want a run for their rockabilly money then the Dukes OF Bordello are ready and more than able.


'Doing Just Enough' sounds like a band having the best of times whilst kicking out the jams, and if that didn't tickle your fancy then hold onto your hat because 'Wreckin' Ball' does exactly what it says in the song title. Great song: rapid and easy to join in on the chorus as the boys in the band play like their backsides are on fire. Are you sure there are only three people in this band?  Fuck me sounds like a friggin' army on the march.


Having a bunch of songs that pretty much let you in on what they might sound like before you hear a note, 'Down In The Gutter' sounds like what the MC5 might have sounded like with Chuck Berry on guitar and a couple of Beach Boys laying down the melody.  Freaking great. These cats have got a fantastic vibe going on and a bunch of tunes that sound like the best of nights would certainly be had in their company at any sleazy venue anywhere in the country. They've got swing and plenty of dirt under their pickin' finger nails: but it’s no good having the sound and style without the songs - so it's fortunate they have a bunch of tunes worthy of the total package then.


Eleven songs spread out over a shade past thirty minutes just fly by. 'The Devil Rides Out' starts out with menace like McCartney took a trip with Lux and Jerry Lee hell bent on punk rock and some seriously listenable slap bass licks: hopefully not such a stretch to imagine, but these cats have a big melting pot for their rock and roll.  As we career towards the finale, the quality doesn't ease up at all and you certainly couldn't say it’s front loaded because it seems to be getting stronger if anything. I love the lyrics on 'Come Back Wilco (All Is Forgiven)'.  To shut this bad boy down, 'Scream If You Want To Go  Faster' is perfect for a foot to the floor crash and burn album closer.


All in all, a very impressive record. I love the Dukes Of Bordello's style: their ability to nail the music is without question and, by the sounds of it, they know how to write a tune as well 'Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty' is a spot on title for this collection of songs and I can't wait to see them live on the strength of this album. My advice? Go check ‘em out before they spontaneously combust.


'Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty' is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


The Dukes Of Bordello play Proud Camden, with Hands Off Gretel, Agent and Indya, on Saturday 28 October.


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