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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 13 August 2017 04:30

Peter BlastPeter Blast – ‘Wind Horses’ (Big Bang Records)


So, a double track CD single is the order of the day for Peter Blast. 'Population Zero' is laid back heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll with Peter on vocals and acoustic/electric guitar and a touch of lap steel and bass thrown in for good measure.  For fans of Thunders and good old balladeering in a similar vein to Kusworth or Sudden. 'Dance With Me' is a real stab at Americana/countrified inner-city blues complete with fiddle and violin playing courtesy of Heather Horton.  This style really suits Peter’s voice and is a great song.


The Rocking Horse Club – ‘Straight White Man’ (Bandcamp)  


Zesty basement rock from Brighton is what they call it - but I'd just say it's good time rock and roll with a bit of oomph! Great song - love the horns and the lyrics are excellent, which, when all put together, makes for a great pop song.  Hooray for the south coast bohemians: they rock! As for the other track on offer – well, it's acoustic driven power pop par excellence in the form of 'All The Other Cool Kids'.  Great songs - buy it! 


Evil TwinThee Evil Twin – ‘MFers All’ (No Front Teeth)  


Three tracks on this multi optional single courtesy of NFT.  With a lo-fi '77 sound, this is cool.  Great lead track from these Australian lo-fi punk rockers. Swearing on a song has always been alright and this is no exception.  Appealing to your most basic punk rock heart there's nothing not to like here.  'Howlin'' is raw as fuck and I love it. Snotty bastards are these Thee Evil Twins, and the third single shows they have an affinity with Singles Club favourites The Hip Priests: that's why this is worthy of being the single of the month - had there not been an offering from Charlie Harper and friends, who wins by default: but, of all the rest, this is most fuckin excellent!


Please Stop – ‘Power Suits And Dead Bodies’ (No Front Teeth) 


Minnesota punks dish up this month’s value for money with an austerity busting eight track 7" single - how fuckin cool is that? 'Sweetie' is first up with its alternative punk vibe and female vocals courtesy of Staysee (I hope that's the correct spelling?) 'Let's All Hear It' isn't off kilter: it’s an in your face, fuck you slab of punk rock. The songs are brief, with most barely making it into the almost prog territory of one and a half minutes. We all know that No Front Teeth don't do shit singles, so if you want value punk then hop on, because ‘Power Suits And Dead Bodies’ has plenty of delights for any discerning punk rocker.


Charlie HarperCharlie Harper & Friends – ‘Stop Homophobia’ (T&M Records)


Charlie calls in old bandmates Darrell Bath and Pete Davies to play on this single; also, Phil McDermott lends his bass skills on the lead track.  Pressed on chunky blue vinyl and limited to just your 500 copies, expect this to sell out (like most Subs-related items).  Great to hear Harper and Bath on the same record once again, and on a great track with an excellent message.  Also included in this single is some very worthy contacts for homeless charities in the UK that do a lot of work that mainly goes by unnoticed.  Great stuff from the T&M team and the musicians involved.  On the B Side is a Harper/Bath composition that's based around a steady blues riff and is another fine piece of work -but then anything that has Darrell Bath’s handy guitar work on it is more than worthy of being single of the month!


TV Crime – ‘Clocking In/Clocking Out’ (Drunken Sailor Records)


Dishing up a beautiful noise outta Nottingham, TV Crime are carrying the torch for ragged 12 bar punk rock ‘n’ roll with touches of great glam: expect the Dolls with maybe some Jam mixed in and enough Buzzcocks power pop to get any self-respecting lover of loud guitars excited. In there as well, but above all, this has a great tempo and groove.  A band I'm certainly keeping an eye on – and, for future, reference I suggest you do too. Bloody great single.


Cheap SurgeryCheap Surgery – ‘Demos’ (Bandcamp)


If you've got something worth saying you might as well shout it!  Cheap Surgery do just that.  These four demos are just that and, apart from being short and sweet, they kick out the jams and can only be described as punk as fuck. 'Obligation' isn't hanging around and certainly doesn't give two fucks. If I was to pick the best track I'd pin my colours on the mast of the epic three plus minutes of unleashed hell in the form of 'Done Too Much', as it goes off like a greyhound before hitting the slow chug – then, yup you guessed it: or did you? It heads off all weird trippy shit - but they resist the temptation to head back off like a rocket.  Enjoyed.


Grave Pleasures – ‘Infatuation Overkill’ (Century Media Records)


With a new album out in September, there is clearly a love of the likes of Placebo and Therapy? and, dare I say, Echo and the Bunnymen (obviously not the big dark riffs bit). But, hey what do I know?  Release your fucked up inner goth rocker and take a listen of Grave Pleasures: it’s a grower.



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