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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 07 August 2017 04:30

7HY artworkI was introduced to the work of Seven Hard Years (stylised as 7HY) through their links with Edge Of The Blade, having been a massive fan of the aforementioned band's debut album, ‘The Ghost of Humans’, released back in 2015.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Alan Kelly, former drummer of Brum rockers Shy has teamed up with American vocalist Shawn Pelata for this the third album under the Seven Hard Years moniker.


Whereas I love the work of Kelly and Andrew Chick in Edge Of The Blade, here the songs are good but it is the production that lets it down for me.  Songs such as ‘Uprising’ could be so much better if only it had the sound it deserves.


Although that is really my only negative thought of the album – the sound. The songs are really good and deserve to be heard. Although, for me, a new Edge Of The Blade album would give me more hope that the duo still have the magic. Also there is the forthcoming Andrew Chick-led Erebus album to look forward to as well.


The songs that do it for me include ‘Never Say Goodbye’, ‘That Song’ and ‘Uprising’.  The album is brimful of melodic hooks that deliver the goods. I just wish the sound did them justice.


‘For The Record’ is released on 31 August.




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