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Written by Stephanie Rose   
Thursday, 03 August 2017 04:00

Overoth artworkHard-hitting, brutal, violent metal has always made the blood flow through my veins and this album by Belfast's Overoth certainly has my juices flowing.


They start off the album with a perfect dark symphony which brings me back to my childhood growing up in the mountainous regions of Bergen, Norway. It gives me the chilling sense that massive trolls are mere moments away from crashing through the forest thirsting for blood and mayhem. 


All hell breaks loose as their next track viciously attacks the listener with deep, dark, demonic vocals while non-yielding musicians meticulously control each their own chaos with extreme discipline. It hits right where it hurts, and love hurts when you're doing it right. The guitars fear no limits as they progress to the outer bounds of extreme metal, while the vocals hold its pure death metal ground.


I hear clear ties to other extreme genres, particularly as the drums grow ever more intense and hurried, alluring me into the angry depths of black metal.


Their romantic meld of death and black metal is energetic while giving way to much wanted and brilliantly executed melodious punches gives this album a strong hold in more than one of the extreme metal genres.


I praise this album as the energy and execution is delivered wholeheartedly. I only hope their live performance can deliver the same way their album has (Oh, believe me Stephanie – you’re in for a treat when you see them on stage – Ed).


‘The Forgotten Tome’ is released on 22 September. You can get your copy HERE.




Overoth play the following live dates:


Tuesday 15 August – Belfast, Voodoo (with Possessed)

Thursday 28 September – Cardiff, Fuel Rock Club

Friday 29 September – Luton, Castlefest

Saturday 30 September – Dundee, Hordes Of Belial Festival

Saturday 7 October – Dublin, Voodoo Lounge (with Rotting Christ and For Ruin)

Saturday 21 October – Manchester, Star And Garter (with Abhorrent Decimation)

Sunday 22 October – London, The Dev

Sunday 29 October – Siege Of Limerick


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