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Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 04:30

Wintersun - Wintersun live at Tuska Festival 2013 - ArtworkIt seems that, according to the Wintersun camp, one new album just isn’t enough, two need to be released. With their latest record ‘The Forest Seasons’ being unleashed unto the world, Jari and his crew thought “let’s release a live album as well” - and thus the twin album ‘Live At Tuska 2013’ was born.


The interesting thing about this live release is not that it was recorded in the band’s home land of Finland at one of its biggest metal festivals, Tuska Open Air; but it's the fact that this album was released exactly five years since Wintersun landed in Ireland for their headline tour (this reviewer was at the Belfast show.)


Right from the get go during the orchestral introduction ‘When Time Fades Away’ and the brutal ‘Sons Of Winter And Stars’ the band are joined by their native brothers and sisters who chant along throughout, with Jari addressing the crowd in the home language. One of my personal favourite tracks, ‘Land Of Snow And Sorrow’, is certainly one of the strongest tracks on this record as it perfectly shows how a live band should be mixed, almost as if it was taken off the album itself, which sadly can’t be said for ‘Winter Madness’ which falls flat in the mix.


It is obvious that Jari is just feeding off the insane Finnish crowd as they are led into the set’s crescendo of ‘Beautiful Death’ and the huge ‘Time,’ a track which completely destroys your speakers whether you’re listening to the original recording or this sensational live edition. The four part, fast paced masterpiece ‘Starchild,’ from the band’s self-titled debut album brings this record and their set to a full close. It is here where you can hear Jari’s voice on the edge of fading as he still pushes through with his signature huge vocal style especially during the screaming parts at the start but it didn’t stop him from pounding on as the band bid thanks and farewells to their extensive metal family; including what sounds like a band photo being taken.


Live albums can either be successful or an absolute flop because this is where listeners really get to hear how a band performs compared to the studio. This is a breath taking live album that showcases that Wintersun are tighter than Ballymena man’s wallet with a sharp mix to help add to this; I almost felt like I was back watching these guys in the scorching hot Limelight in Belfast all those years ago.


With Jari announcing recently that he is taking a step back from playing guitar live to focus on his vocal performance, it was great to hear him, fellow guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari and the rest of the band showcase all their talents within this album. I do hope we will someday be treated to another live album where we can hear the differences between Jari with and without his guitar but I know for a fact that both he and the band will sound fantastic no matter what.


‘Live At Tuska 2013’ is out now.


Wintersun headline the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock on Sunday 13 August.


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