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Written by David Prince   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 05:00

spocks_beardI can see why I got allocated this album to review as I honestly cannot see any of the other scribes here at Über appreciating the 'Beard!


Opener 'Edge Of The In Between' is a deceptively chosen title as it's neither inbetween of or on the edge - it's everywhere! For the first three minutes exactly it's a great AOR song and then in come the off the wall time structures and noodleing that the band have been renowned for! But clocking in at a hefty 10 and a half minutes is a brave way to open your tenth album. But like many other prog bands Spock's Beard have their own niche in the market and cater for themselves and fans only.

To be honest the band are kind of coasting at the moment with no real sense of direction - that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it as the individual pieces of music are sometime inspiring and god-like but it's the messing and joining of the pieces together that belies their true intention.

A while back SB took inspiration from the heavenly prog gods that are Marillion and asked fans to buy this album in advance. In return they were to be credited within a track on the album. 'Their Names Escapes Me' is that song and the whole second half of it is a recital of people's names. Something cool for the fans but gets boring after a minute or so... by the way - no my name is not on there!

The thing I DO like about Spock's Beard is their undying determination to stick to their guns and have a ball, which in this day and age of the download and no physical product is something to admire.

However despite being a very good album, if you don't already like Spocks's Beard this is probably not the album that would change your mind.