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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 05:00

a-to-z-coverIt only seems weeks since I reviewed the teaser two-tracker from 'Amoeba To Zebra' by Being 747. But, given that several billion years go by in the 55 minutes of this outrageously entertaining album, my previous review was probably an age ago.


Being 747 consist of former members of Landspeed Loungers, Eureka Machines and The Scaramanga Six. They have fashioned a unique rock opera from their fevered minds and tour the schools of the UK educating the nation's children by way of power pop prog...if there is such a genre (I guess there is now).


Subtitled 'A Natural History Musical 4.6 Billion Years In The Making', 'Amoeba To Zebra' is a 55 minute, fourteen chapter rock opera that charts our planet's remarkable story of evolution. If my children came home from school saying that they had learned the history of the planet from some geezer who played in Eureka Machines then I'd be suitably impressed...and I'm guessing some of you would too. This project is insanely intelligent, effortlessly cool and, quite possibly, the epitome of British geek chic. As an educational tool this album/live presentation is bizarrely impressive. As a concept at the Edinburgh Fringe (where it will enjoy a nine-date run this month) I can only imagine the reception being one of wonder and merriment.


But what of it as an album, I hear you cry through the dinosaur roars that my stereo is emitting? Well, if you can take away the concept (good luck with that) then you will discover a collection of songs that merge power pop with self-indulgent prog-esque insanity. The Scaramanga Six peddled a similar sound but without the concept - if you've ever checked those mentalists out then you'll kinda know what to expect. The songs are ridiculously contagious but if you start singing these in the queue at your local Happy Shopper you'll get more than a few curious looks.


Incredibly entertaining yet certainly an acquired taste - only to be enjoyed by humans, I'm afraid. Recommended....for several billion reasons.