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Written by Ian Bell   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 06:00

Panci_Cell_FireAlbum number three then for British metallers Panic Cell who appear, to this reviewer at least, to be forever in the gig listings of the music press. This "love of the road" has given Panic Cell a tightness that only a constantly touring band can achieve, and 'Fire It Up' kicks off at a skull-bashing pace with opening track 'Burden Inside' and barely allows you time to recover.


Will Maya's (The Answer, Breed 77) production is superb throughout with each instrument, including the power of Luke Bell's vocals, coming over loud and clear with the perfect balance of power, melody and ample amounts of spit and venom. If you liked the first two offerings from this outfit you will love this album. If however you have somehow managed to miss Panic Cell on one of their many support slots, and the likes of Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Label Society and Testament are your music of choice then you wouldn't go far wrong with this album.


This is a slow burner of an album without a doubt, but well worth the groundwork as it does at first appear to be a bit samey sticking to a formula that works for the band, but there are enough twists to keep the attention span from coming to a sudden end. A standout track for me is 'Jaded' which is probably the band's most commercial offering to date, in which there is an acoustic guitar soaked pop song trying to get out, before being trampled all over with heavy as you like riffs and vocals.


The difference that this album has from previous releases by Panic Cell is a new level of maturity, from the aforementioned opening track to songs such as 'To Die For Lust' which again showcases Luke Bell's vocal range, 'Unbroken' which demonstrates Rob Hicks drumming precision, and 'To Die For Love' showing that Harj Virdee and Nathan Wood aren't short of quality riffs to keep the head banging.


So is 'Fire It Up' the album to turn Panic Cell into mega stars? Well I'm not so sure as the luck has to be shining on them to achieve such a feat, but 'Fire It Up' is the soundtrack that every heavy metal fan and every heavy metal festival needs in their lives right now.... damn right they do.