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Written by Dave Prince   
Saturday, 27 July 2013 04:00

Arc Angel HarlequinsJumping straight in at the deep end with this one, it’s worth noting that Arc Angel released a very special record back in 1982 which is still regarded today as a classic within the genre of progressive melodic rock (think Styx, Asia and Horn era Yes). Jeff Cannata the leader of the band has now resurrected the Arc Angel name for this new album.


Jeff Cannata for the most part of this album recorded most of the drums, bass, keyboards, guitars whilst also handling all of the vocals, with a little help here and there from Jeff Batter on acoustic piano, synths, Jay Rowe on organ, synths, Scott Spray on bass, David Coe on acoustic guitar. Jeff even produced the album as well… So believe me when I say that this guy has got it all.


Opening up with the title track of ‘Harlequins Of Light’ Jeff gets straight to the point with a melodic rocker that hits you straight THERE! It’s a fantastic way to open up an album. ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’ is another great song and this is where I realise that I have missed this guy’s music and voice in my life. Admittedly his latter day output has been more prog rock – but this is a fantastic return to the melodic rock scene.


With a solo back catalogue of works as good as Jeff’s, the fact that he has chosen to build upon such a high starting ground as the ’82 classic is testament enough to the guy’s belief. Thankfully he has the goods behind him to back it up.


For me the main selling point is the re-recording of the ‘Images Of Forever’ classic - ‘Fortune Teller’ cleverly titled here as ‘Fortune Teller 2’ This song alone is worth the asking price of ‘Harlequins of Light’. The album almost reads like a greatest hits in that Jeff has linked all of his previous work together as in the AOR/Melodic rock stylings of his earlier work with the prog musings of his last couple of albums.


I am just glad that Jeff got in touch with the Frontiers people and put this stunning piece of work out for the fans. Enjoy!


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