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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 03:00

kevin k"What have we got here then?" was my first question. Upon closer inspection it quickly became apparent that Kevin K has only gone and recorded a bunch of new tunes with his European touring band that features none other than Ricky Rat on six string, managing to bash out six songs recorded in the South of France with the addition of Ritchie Buzz on bass and Laur Bomb on the drum duties which kinda explains why this military themed CD is called 'Allies'.


Also for good measure you get a remastered '13th Street' album from 2001 but that's not all: to complete this glunk rock bonanza you also get five tracks recorded in the good old US of A with Duane Rollick and Billy Summer.


I guess anyone worth their salt will know or at least have a fair idea what this is going to turn out sounding like. It's perfectly crafted Nu Yawk style '77 Rock 'n' Roll! It's lean, mean and bullshit free!


We get straight into it with the title track, 'Allies', and after a military intro Kevin K puffs up his chest and bang! we're off with a great tune - from the tone of the axework we're fist pumping already and before the first chorus has finished we're singing along; "Allies of rock and roll," yeah baby!


It's clear to see that this line-up that Kevin uses on his European jaunts works really well and they have a fantastic chemistry because the power pop edge licks into focus on 'This Time Around'. Time honoured catchy punk rock is what you'll hear, nothing out of the ordinary or style shifting, it's like I said honest - lean and right on the money.


Track five, 'Meet Me At The Party', is a tune written by bass player Ritchie and with a neat grunt on that bass guitar it's easy to see how he got the job playing in this band with a '70s tinged romp adding variety in the song writing.


'Give Me Back My Girl' sounds huge and a whole lot of fun. 'Hell's Kitchen' raises the temperature and speed with a tune Da Bruddas would have been proud to play.


I make no secret of my admiration for the work of Kevin K and he's managed to knock out many an impressive album over the last few years, from his split where he teamed up with Texas Terri to the career highlight of 'Joey And Me'. This is another well above average offering from the Jennifer Hewitt dedicated 'Crazy For You' (just date the guy will you Ms H) to the punk rock of 'Red White And Blue' and the whole inclusion of '13th Street' it's a winner and something people should be more than interested in.


Kevin K has managed to capture the sound and feel of frontline Nu Yawk throughout the late '70s and married it with power pop perfection to mould great songs for yours and my listening pleasure. Might I be so bold as to suggest you join forces and purchase this CD and keep this Rock and Rolla fighting the good fight. Kevin K & The Kool Kats I salute you - you rock!