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Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 06 July 2013 04:00

starscreamcoverStar Scream sent possibly the most lavish and pretentious press pack out with 'Sexploitation' and I don't mean that in a bad way; hell, it even comes in its own folder, I love it. That's what it's all about isn't it? Selling yourself, standing out from the crowd and giving good first impressions, and Star Scream get it right from the off. You wouldn't believe the amount of bands who don't seem to make an effort with their press pack, even down to simple spelling mistakes and grammar, and that's just the English bands.


Star Scream are being sold as a 3 piece band but are the brainchild of singer/songwriter Adam Lightspeed, who not only wrote and recorded the whole thing but also produced and mastered it in his own studio and created the lavish artwork. But of course the package means nothing if the music inside ain't up to scratch so let's dig in and see if I buy what Star Scream are selling.


'Sexploitation' opens with the circus theme sounding 'Roseblood (Weeping Willow)', a cinematic, Nightmare Before Christmas inspired tune to my ears, it's like Danny Elfman has co-written a song with Taime Downe and Marilyn Manson. The influence of Marilyn Manson is plastered all over this album, none more so evident as the electronic, throbbing, Glam Rock stomp of 'Die On The Floor' which hails back to 'Mechanical Animals' era Manson which sure ain't a bad thing in my book. This Bowie-tinged Goth anthem for the 21st Century is ultra cool and catchy as you like.


'Harlot's Web' is a dark, throbbing Depeche Mode style '80s pop tune, and the great 'Scenester', with its upbeat electronic beats and sinister vocals, comes on like The Newlydeads, a cool catchy chorus and great build up makes for one of the best songs on offer here. 'Death Shower Scene', with its whispered vocal line, tips its hat in the direction of classic Manson once again, its regimental electronic beats and "eins, zwei, drei" chants sounding cool and it's a massive sounding song all over.


Several songs suffer from bad drum machine syndrome such as 'Frightmare', giving it a watered down and demo recording feel, but even with those niggles it still retains a certain charm, coming on like early Hanoi Rocks in places actually. What it lacks in production it makes up for in actual quality songwriting, there are cool melodies and there are catchy choruses all over this album. Take the glorious 'Kill Me Kate' which I love or the laid back 'When Crimson Lips Spell Murder' which has a Lords Of The New Church feel to it.


With song titles seemingly plucked straight out of Wednesday 13's lyric book 'Sexploitation' is 13 tracks of dark and theatrical Glam tinged electronica, futuristic rock 'n' roll for the 21st Century. Fair play to the obviously talented and ambitious Adam Lightspeed, a good job has been done all over on this album, and Star Scream are an exciting proposition for the UK Glam Rock scene. Star Scream are indeed Glunk as fuck people.


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