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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 05:00

kevin176Another day, another Kevin K album to review and, you know what, that makes me happy. 'Tramp Stamp' is more of the same from Kevin K, another collection of fine upstanding tunes from the singer songwriter.


Proceedings get under way with the title track and a bass heavy, piano tonking Stooges vibe it has too. 'Tramp Stamp' is eleven songs (or twelve if you listen long enough for the hidden track) choc full of melody, and unmistakably Kevin K it is too. 'Doin All Right' is bright and catchy with some sloppy NYC guitar work and a chorus that's as upbeat as the song would suggest. What follows is half a dozen songs with the same timeless formula before we get to 'Sudafed Blues' where Kevin leads us through a Heartbreakers style blues workout all about his favourite across the counter medication - and why not? You can't always sing about chicks and cars can you? Besides if it gets you through the night!


'Wild For You' shows that the double K has lost none of that spark and energy required to pull off this kind of rock 'n' roll just like Da Bruddas taught us. 'Luv Grimes' is the real wild card in the pack with its voodoo drumming on the intro before breaking out into a doomy Sabbath type riff-a-rama then crash bang wallop for the chorus and lead breaks - an excellent song and who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? To take this baby home we have 'Nowhere Safe' which is a track penned by Kevin's brother Alan that never made it onto a Road Vultures album and a great way to end the album with another timeless riff like a classic Ramones tune but darker.  


Before the album finishes, however, there's a hidden bonus track on the end after 'Nowhere Safe' closes down; yes, Kevin K delivers a hidden gem with a Pistols run down on the guitar and a tune that I can only presume is called 'Only Lovers Left Alive' which might have something to do with the Stiv fronted band The Wanderers of the same title - it's a great way to close out any album with its swirling keyboard reminiscent of that very same Wanderers album.


Another day, another great release from Kevin K; if you like your rock 'n' roll authentic and consistent from start to finish then look no further than a man who's been there done it and got the tramp stamp and, on this evidence, he's most definitely not gone soft! Keep on keeping on would be my message - quite simply, I love it.


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