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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 02 July 2012 04:00

Recognise_Cover_jpg_scaled1000If ever there was a time in my life that I needed an album like 'Recognise' then that time was right here and now my uber brothers and sisters. Call it musical kismet, or call it whatever the hell you like, but 'Recognise', the debut eleven track album from JD & The FDCs really has managed to tap into something within me that ticks all the right boxes and more, just when I needed it most. 


For the uninitiated amongst you JD & The FDCs are what you would call a classic rock 'n' roll band, not focussing too intensely on any one particular musical genre, but instead maintaining just the right balance of all the ones that matter, which in turn sees the band conjuring up a batch of infectious tunes that has me returning to this album time and time again.


The successful musical recipe behind 'Recognise' takes a base layer of punk attitude, adds a sprinkling of glam and then covers it liberally with healthy amounts of pop sensibility before adding just the slightest hint of raggle taggle romany rock to finish it all off.  This might sound crazy on paper I know, but singer/guitarist Jamie Delerict (the JD in all of this) and his FDCs really have come up with a special blend of sounds and influences on 'Recognise' to make the album what some might be inclined to call finger clickin' good rock 'n' roll music.


And it's not just me that gets the FDCs brand of rock 'n' roll and where these four guys from the Midlands are coming from either, as one look at the list of sonically diverse special guests involved on 'Recognise' will testify. We are talking some serious genre splicing here my friends, with the likes of Johnny Bonnel, Richard Bacchus, Acey Slade, and Dez Cadena all popping in to contribute and in the process rubbing shoulders with Jesse Luscious, Carol Hodge, Andee Blacksugar, Rob Lane and Amy Dumas (yup that's former WWE champion Amy Dumas) to produce one huge melting point of sound and eleven of the finest rock 'n' roll tunes you'll hear anywhere this year.


And what of those tunes I hear you holler?


Well if we begin with the band's last single and track four on the album, then in 'Burn This City Down' we have a song that is not only the story of Jamie and his cohorts struggle to succeed in the world of rock 'n' roll, but also a tune that delivers a power slam of a chorus that Amy Dumas herself would be proud of, this track not so much defines the FDCs sound as brands it onto your brain courtesy of one of those hook lines that the guv'nors of yob rock Slade used to pen oh so well.  Quickly flicking back to the album opener 'Recognise' and you will immediately see why I've gone with the last single first because the step up in the band's sound in the few short months since 'Burn This City Down' was released is quite frankly staggering.  Now this may be down to the awesome mastering of the album by Howie Weinberg (Def Leppard / Nirvana and Rancid to name but a few of his previous successes) or it might simply be down to the fact that I've never heard this track other than in a live situation prior to getting the finished album.  Whatever it is, here 'Recognise' sets off like a rocket, albeit the type of sonic missile that Messrs Stanley and Simmons used to pen back in the mid to late 70's, and it sound absolutely fantastic.


The coupling of 'Ujpest Dozsa' and 'Mirrors and Wires' up next works well for me simply because after the album's riotous glam stomping opener these anthemic slabs of punk pop sounding not unlike The Explosion meets INXS (yup I know that sounds soooo wrong, but it really does work), ease you nicely into the aforementioned single with their as equally strong if ever so slightly "out there" vocal refrains still hooking themselves into your sub conscious like you've just gone for a night out with a hyperactive cenobite.


So with an opening this strong by the time you reach the halfway point of 'Recognise' you really will be wondering where the FDCs can go next with their sound, then as if by magic up pops 'From The Shadows' and 'The Secret' to answer you with a firm slap across the face courtesy of a rap influence that comes from way out of left field. Of the two tracks 'From The Shadows' is more of a straight ahead hard rocker with JD simply adding in some MC type vocal licks to great effect, it is the latter that for me really stands out as the ace in the 'Recognise' pack.  'The Secret' especially during it's opening rhythmic surge courtesy of bassist Joey Strange and drummer Danny Gunn really could have fallen off a Tone Loc album, but that's before guitarist Dazmondo gets in on the action turning in a chorus the latter day Manic St Preachers would sell their corporate souls to write.  Result!


And with that we come to the one and only cover version on 'Recognise' a faithful retelling of D Generation's 'No Way Out' that features the immediately identifiable axe work of the one and only Richard Bacchus who pops in to add the D Gen seal of approval to proceedings.  I can't help but think that perhaps another FDCs original might have been more appropriate than a cover tune, but what the hell, it's a cracking cover so I'll let the Midlands mooks off on this oh so minor of gripes.


As 'Recognise' reaches it's final third, along comes another surprise for yours truly as my normal hatred for all things remotely piratey is turned right on it's head with 'This Town Of Infamy' a tune that press gangs me into loving it, largely thanks to a chorus that's as sticky as a big stick. And I have to admit I love it! I'll be getting myself a dog on a string at this rate. Thankfully then, for canine lovers every where's sake at least, 'Never Gonna Stop' (lead track from the band's debut EP), 'Anti-Destination League' and 'Come Dig Me Out' all rock as hard as the album's opening quartet of tracks, even if the closer does possess one of those male/female double vocal lines that take a few more listens than usual to get your head around. 


Seven months in then and 2012 continues to be an absolute stormer of a year for the British underground rock music scene, but it just got a whole lot better with the release of this awesome debut album from JD & The FDCs.  So all that is left is for each and every one of you to do now is click the link below and order your copy of 'Recognise'!


approved_image_lrg_2012You can thank me later....