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Written by Jim Rowland   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 05:10

Kevin_RidleyNorthumbrian producer/vocalist Kevin Ridley can boast an impressive 35 years in the music industry. Firstly working as an engineer/producer in his native north east England with Neat Records at the heart of the NWOBHM, and then working as producer and vocalist with folk/metal pioneers Skyclad. 'Flying In The Face Of Logic' finally sees him release his first solo album after all those years. As with Skyclad, the Northumbrian folk influence on this album is strong. Although there's less of the metal influence, this varied collection of songs still packs a punch.


Opener 'Eat The Sun' is an irresistibly catchy folky stomper that will have you jigging around the room for hours, as does 'Where We All Belong' and the brilliantly titled 'Still Lucid After All These Beers'. The likes of 'Angel At Harlow Green' and 'De Profundis (Back Home Again)' provide a lighter folky pop sound reminiscent of The Waterboys in places, whilst 'Point of Departure' is perhaps the most produced, and commercial moment of the album.


Highlight of the album for me is 'Good Intentions (A Young Man's Tale)', a wonderful bit of folk rock that brings to mind 'Heavy Horses'-era Jethro Tull and has a killer anthemic chorus that will guarantee a rousing sing along after a few pints of Newcastle Brown Ale, as does the heavy riffing 'They Dance Till Tomorrow'.


If the sound of traditional folk instruments, in this case Northumbrian pipes and fiddle, leave you running a mile, you probably won't like this album. On the other hand, if the sound of these instruments, fused with some extremely well written folk/rock/pop songs brings your Celtic blood to the boil, you'll love this album. Fans of Jethro Tull, The Levellers and especially Celtic rock godfathers Horslips will fall into the latter category and for them this album comes highly recommended.