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Written by David O'Neill   
Thursday, 27 July 2017 04:00

Fractions artworkI have to say that whilst metal or metalcore still remains a genre I’m not that enamoured with, the last two releases I have reviewed may not converting me but making me more appreciative of the style and musicianship of the bands. 


This six-track EP from the ashes of two Leicester bands starts with an instrumental piano track played over a rain backing track, but I kind of knew where it was going after that.   ‘Wolf Inside’ is typical of metalcore: strong deep throated screaming vocals – but, unlike most of the genre, it is actually possible to understand the lyrics as Chris Hoare has a very strong yet clear vocal style.  Aside from this his “normal” vocal is actually very good showing a very clear range in his upper register.  The instrumentation is very good: drummer Steve Humphreys must have eight limbs, as that is the only way I can see him being able to play as fast and furiously as he does.  Despite this, the rhythm and speed do not detract or overpower the rest of the band, which I have frequently seen in this genre when played live. 


‘Beyond Infinity’ follows on from the remainder of the style of ‘Wolf Inside’, with screamo vocals interspersed with the clean vocals of Hoare.  The rhythm unit of Humphreys and Anthony Coghlan keep the music tight and the bass playing keeps a solid underpinning to all the tracks.  With influences ranging from Periphery to Parkway Drive, I can see where the style comes from, as at points it has that Periphery ethereal feel to the guitar and vocal mix, particularly in the third track, ‘Radiant Wings’ and the guitar in the brief instrumental interlude. 


‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’ starts at a distance with the instruments gradually introduced to the main track following in the style of ethereal higher register vocals and guttural screaming.  The guitar work of Chris Johnson and Lee Geary sits subtly in the background through the majority of the tracks and eventually comes through with various solos, some of which remind me of the call and reply guitar work of Mark Tremonti and Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. 


The title track, ‘Forces’ is the last one on the album. This actually shows more of the guitar work which appears to be played through a shimverb pedal, giving the ghostly, ethereal feel I mentioned earlier. 


All in all, I “almost” enjoyed it: maybe a couple more plays will be the ‘Forces’ I need to convert to Fractions from decimals.  At first listen, not bad.  If you like this style of music and live in the Leicester area, they have a launch event on tomorrow night (Friday) at Karn’s Bar in Hinckley… so go along and buy a copy.  If they were in my area, I would (now, that’s a change I bet you thought you’d never see!) 


‘Forces ‘ is out tomorrow (Friday 28 July). You can get your copy HERE.


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