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Written by Hannah Reid   
Monday, 31 July 2017 04:00

Without Andrew artworkWithout Andrew are a three-piece band from Rochdale who certainly know how to pack a punch with their music. The band is made up of Sam Robertson (vocals and guitar), Danneh Gleave (bass and backing vocals) and Matthew Buckley (drums and backing vocals). The album they’re bringing us is their second one, bringing in all kinds of their own style to each song within it. It has been a long time coming for fans who have been here from the beginning when the band was formed back in 2012 and just wanted to hear more after the first came out. They’re a band who you’re going to want to listen to if you’re into Green Day, Ramones and Sex Pistols.


I really enjoyed everything that came through this album and it would take me far too long to talk about what I loved in every single song so I’ll just settle for giving my top five (which trust me, was hard to do).


Straight from the get go with the first song ‘Wheel’, the band make sure to capture your attention and pull you in with a fast paced and toe tapping song. When I first sat down to listen to the album, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this song made me intrigued and want more. The fourth song, called ‘Timmy’s War’, reminded me a lot of Green Day, which had me dancing along as it went, soon singing to the chorus as it continued.


At number six we had ‘Dirty Rotten Liar’, where we were slowed down a little bit more again but still keeping up with the theme and their music running through. This was one of my top favourite songs from the whole album and had me swaying in my seat as I listened along to it the first couple of times. I enjoyed everything about this, thinking that it was very well put together and the lyrics worked with the music going along with it.


‘I Wanna Die Next To You’ takes the seventh spot in the album and I got a little bit of My Chemical Romance vibes coming through at the beginning few bars which intrigued me a little but the more we got into it the more their own style came out. It’s a very well written song that has a nice little drum build up at the start for a moment before the vocals come in and continue to build the song up, getting you ready for the drop to happen.


‘Who Hurt Lionel Ritchie’ is the 13th song to grace the album and it has a clever soft build up at the start of the song to keep you interested before Sam darts in with the vocals and once again has you dancing in your seat. The album is 15 songs long, and one that I really enjoyed listening to as each of the songs made me want to sing and dance along to each that was played. It’s slightly darker and heavier than anything they’ve previously released but from the album artwork and the characters of those in the band themselves you can tell that this is going to be a very fun band to see live.


Each of the songs are packed with soul and you can really feel all the emotion and hard work that has went into this whole album to pull it all together. The harmonies that the three members pull together is also another strong point of the band and you can feel the influences from other bands that they’ve grown up with, or even shared a stage with at shows, coming through their songs.


After hearing this album, I can already tell that I’m going to get it and put it straight onto my iPod and tell my friends about. Definitely up there in albums of the year for myself.


‘With Great Power Comes Great Irresponsibility’ is released on Friday (4 August). You can get your copy HERE.


Without Andrew play The Deaf Institute on Friday 18 August.




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