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Written by David O'Neill   
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 04:00

puppetkings-verycoolandgroovy-cover2017Following in the wake of other bands with limited members such as Royal Blood, Muse, etc, The Puppet Kings are a three piece originally from Brighton who have been together since 2012.  They appear to have made quite a bit of name for themselves, having supported the likes of Skindred and Sons of Icarus. This is their second EP, a four-track offering due for general release on 1 September - and the title is nothing like the music. 


A thumping bass line opens the first track, ‘Wanderlust’, which is driven throughout.  The vocals of Tom are clean and crisp with a nice range.  A low range guitar riff runs throughout the track with some nice leadwork sitting underneath the rest of the track.  A good starter.   


‘Taurus’ opens with a bit more guitar and drums, but these are definitely a bass-driven band which Neil is very good at driving! The guitar work continues to be subtle and marries well with the sound of the rest of the track. 


‘Rich N’ White’ is the single from the album.  I wonder how they are going to get away with the audio clip of the current President of the United States stating about the building of a wall.  The words of the track show the bands feelings about the isolationism approach of American President, the sarcasm is biting and they are obviously not as bigoted as the man it slights.  It’s a good track continuing in the same vein musically as the first two. 



The final track, ‘Other Side’, opens with another bass/drum intro with a catchy guitar riff running throughout again. 


On the whole it’s an EP that wouldn’t take a lot of persuading to part with my hard earned dosh if they pitched up in my local for a gig just to support them on their way. 


With influences listed as the Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, a few different versions of the Deep Purple family tree, GnR and Black Label Society,you can pitch these anywhere in that variety and get a good show wherever they go.  Would I go to see them? If they were local yes! Should you go to see them? Again, if you like the influences, then you should.  Hell, go anyway! You might enjoy yourself… I know I would 


‘Very Cool and Groovy’ is released on 1 September.




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