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Written by David O'Neill   
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 04:30

Piss Viper Pick artI got sent this EP through my Facebook messenger: having seen the band last year in the Dragonffli, I took some photos of them live and let the band have them for publicity. As those of you who have read some of my other reviews will know heavy metal is not my favourite genre: however, I can really appreciate the talent of the guys in this band.


All the tracks are heavily drum/bass influenced - but then, with a drummer with the feet and hands of Ricky Turner and the bass of Fee Sumrein, I am not in the least bit surprised. This is superbly overdriven by the guitar playing of Ray Tamanous. All the riffs and changes are tighter then a gnat’s chuff and complement each other superbly. The opening track, ‘Can’t Take Us Down’, is typical of the genre: down low and heavy as a lead-lined Chieftain tank. The vocals of David Malpass are the strongest screamo vocals I’ve heard from a local band... although I wonder if his throat is as sore, as it sounds as if he’s been chewing razor blades and gargling gravel after a gig.


‘Despite The Spite’, ‘It’s A Trap and ‘Cold Dead Grip’ follow on in the style of the first track. While being dragged literally kicking and screaming by the drums, bass and vocals on a breathless trip through heavy metal, the guitar work of Tamanous is incredibly varied. The title track really demonstrates the ability of Turner and Sumrein, with some superb double kick work and gut-wrenching bass lines. Having seen these boys live, both are usually absolutely soaked in sweat at the end of their set, it really is a sight to see. Then there is the riffage of Tamanous running throughout, fantastic!


The last track, ‘Shadows At The Cenotaph’, will take everyone by surprise at the end of the breathless driving of the previous tracks. When I first heard it, I thought Spotify had gone on to a random band… but no, Tamanous demonstrates he is more than a low-down driving, powerchord freak. It opens with the sound of crows, and a beautiful percussive acoustic section with some really fantastic harmonics that demonstrates a subtlety not associated with this genre of music. It is obviously a song that has deep meaning for someone in the band as it is polar opposites to the rest of the music. It reminds me of the style of ‘Nothing Else Matters’, and Malpass does sound a bit like James Hetfield in parts. It never ceases to amaze me, when musicians are this talented and can actually sing and play their instruments why they continue to churn out a limited style to a limited audience, but then Status Quo and Motörhead made a few quid doing that over a long career.


This is obviously aimed at their target audience and there are a lot of long haired headbanging moshpit forming fans out there that will absolutely love it. Me, I’ll continue to appreciate it and wouldn’t walk out on a gig of theirs, even though it wouldn’t end up in my collection.


‘Pick Clean My Bones’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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