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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 20 July 2017 04:30

Ed Stones artworkBradford's very own Peaky Blinders, Ed Stones & The BD3 return with a four track EP available on digital download and exclusive limited edition cassette only (that's all the buggers could scrape up to afford this time around!). The follow up to last year's 'Down On The Farm' long player, 'Overdosed On Hate' sees Ed take a more political stance, whilst still retaining the same musical ethics that drew me to the denim-clad, tattooed songwriter and his band of rapscallions in the first place.


The title track opens proceedings and is a politically charged rant set to a ska-based, alternative beat. The sound of smashing glass introduces a funky, yet punky mash-up. A late ‘70s-inspired sound, the band capturing the feel of a time when the likes of The Clash and Ian Dury were at their peak, writing, recording and playing to a similar political backdrop and musically, a similar beat. It's a good mixture of both as Ed spits a politically charged diatribe on broken Britain. Topical and essential listening methinks.


The dark and brooding blues of 'Rohypnol In My Blood' comes on part Jack White and part Sweeney Todd, as sparse instrumentation wins over the tale of what Ed maybe gets up to on a Friday night. It builds to a killer workout as drums crash around the riff and a fiery mouth organ solo battles with Ed's guitar for attention.


'Politics' sees Ed explore that subject we all love to hate in his own tongue in cheek style to a backdrop of tremolo-effect ridden guitar. "Politics...I wanna fuck you in the tits and throw you in a ditch" he screams over a 12 bars blues refrain. Simple and effective...'nuff said!  Finally, Dylan's 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' gets the Ed Stones treatment. It's taken right down to a laid back, blues lament, with piano and bongos taking precedence: it's just how I would imagine The Urban Voodoo Machine doing it actually and that is a compliment.


While small venues close all around them and larger bands give up due to financial loss, Ed Stones & The BD3 join a growing number of grassroots artists who truly are DIY in every sense of the word. Fully self-financed and self-released, they deliver another quality release that proves they do not need a record company or even the likes of PledgeMusic to get their music out there. But they do need you, the real music lover, the fan of the underdog, to support them any way you can.


So, what do you say? Three quid for four quality slices of rock 'n' roll on retro cassette (and very modern digital download of course), that's a bargain in anyone's book right? Even if you don't have a cassette player. Support DIY bands and buy the thing… maybe if we sell them out the tight fuckers will release it on CD or vinyl one day!


'Overdosed On Hate'. You can get your copy HERE.




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