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Written by Marc Leach   
Monday, 17 July 2017 04:00

Stereo Nasty - Twisting The Blade2015 was the year the world got a massive kick in the teeth by four rapscallions from Co. Kildare, Ireland, with their ‘Nasty By Nature’ attitude. Over the past two years, this band have been raising hell all over the world including supporting the likes of Angel Witch and Diamond Head. Yes folks, it’s none other than Stereo Nasty who are back to for more with their sophomore record; ‘Twisting The Blade.’


Right from the get go the lads show off a new level of nastiness through ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ and ‘Reflections Of Madness.’ Both of which are two thunderous pieces of material that show how much the band have grown in confidence and technicality in the space of two years; from the cut throat riffs from guitarist Adrian Foley to frontman Mick Mahon’s gritty yet more operatic vocals. While the band’s sound has certainly made a huge change for this record, ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ and ‘Near Dark’ reflect on the simplistic style of the band’s previous hit album (which isn’t a bad thing.)


The Judas Priest influenced ‘Through The Void’ is a deceiving piece as the band show off their creative side, from a tasty clean tone throughout the intro and verses to the balls to wall metal spectacular ending which then continues on for ‘Haunting The Night.’ Stereo Nasty cut “right through the bone and through the vein” for the horrific album title track which once again goes back to the simplistic style that made their debut album so popular, with Mahon spitting out every word throughout. The over two minute instrumental ‘Vengeance’ is an interesting twist to this bombastic album with its Stranger Things influenced sound; plus it’s here where Rud Holohan’s distorted bass sound adds an extra dimension to this 80s sci-fi piece. This all then leads to the ferocious finale ‘Becoming The Beast’ where the band go out with a bang with this huge sounding piece that should be on every metalhead’s iPod.


Minus the poor vocal mix, the only way you can describe this album is, how you say, ‘fucking unreal.’ With a tight sound and a sensational collection of songs, this album not only proves that is sharper than any blade in existence but also proves why Stereo Nasty are worthy enough to sit amongst the heavy metal gods.


‘Twisting The Blade’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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