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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 13 July 2017 04:30

Love Zombies PassionfruitPutting the debut long player from Love Zombies in the hands of a Ginger Wildheart fan to review is tantamount to committing commercial suicide, surely? Well, maybe back in the day, if I wrote for a well-established print magazine it would be; but, in 2017, us lowly music journalists just don't have that sort of power any more... 


One thing's for sure, Love Zombies singer Hollis let down a great deal of people last year when she split from her other band Hey! Hello! and fled the country with LZ bandmate Davey Fitzsimon on the eve of the Hey! Hello! album release/UK tour. The reaction from Ginger Wildheart spoke volumes, he pulled the album at the 11th hour and re-recorded it with other singers taking the place of Hollis, thus effectively wiping any connection with the band from existence.


It's not something I wanted to go into deeply for this review, but it is something that affects the way I approach and listen to this album and it's something I have to broach, as pressing play on 'Passionfruit' feels a bit like sleeping with the enemy, and music shouldn't be like that should it?  Yet, I'm prepared to give anyone the benefit of doubt and whatever her reasons (to be fair, we never got her side of the story), Hollis ostracised herself and Love Zombies from a portion of her fan base that had come from her time as the lead singer in Hey! Hello!, and that's a great shame, because 'Passionfruit' happens to be a damn fine power pop album from start to finish and the fact that even a minority of people will not give it the time of day on principal leaves a sour aftertaste to the sugary tunes on offer.


Enough of the deep stuff, let’s get onto the reason we're here...the music. Love Zombies come armed with a glitter cannon loaded with 11 shots of insanely catchy power pop, and they are aiming right for your senses, so watch out, cuz you may well get hooked! 


Comparisons are easy from the off on the perfect three-minute pop/punk opener 'Oblivion', The Dollyrots meets Transvision Vamp. Buzzsaw guitars, sugary, helium-induced vocals and a chorus that embeds itself in the brain, job done methinks. The fact that the verse to 'Lighten Up' holds as much to prime 80's Madonna as much as it does to turn of the century pop/punk is no coincidence and there's no doubt that 'Robots and Aliens' nods its head to err... No Doubt as well.



They take things down a notch on the emotive and dreamy 'Spiders', a song that hints at vintage Hanoi Rocks and the anthemic sounding 'Big And Strong' has one of those over familiar melodies that will have you wondering where you have heard it before. Big tunes like 'Birthday' and 'Fast And Frantic' hit the spot just right, pure anthemic bubblegum pop that sticks its big middle finger up with a smile. Even tongue in cheek closer 'Love Zombies Theme Song' is a heap of fun and a cartoon theme tune in the making. Only downer? Where the hell is 'Be Honest'? Best song they have in my humble opinion.


I really wanted to dislike 'Passionfruit' on principal, even just a little bit. But to be honest, I can’t fault it. It's trashy, throwaway and it's as kitsch as Saturday morning kids’ TV way back's just remarkably upbeat really and that's why I like it.


Life's too short for grudges; the girl done good. 'Passionfruit' goes a long way to prove that zombies aren't really that bad at all.


'Passionfruit' is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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