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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 13 July 2017 04:00

Gypsy Roller artworkI guess the title might be a giveaway as to what these cats are unleashing on us… yup, you guessed it kids: it's just about one of the coolest and most authentic sleazy take on the good and the great of yesteryear. The choice of tunes and the execution is so fucking cool I defy anybody not to get a hold of this and be hugely impressed with what's on offer.  Now to my next point: how on God’s green earth this music isn't coming at you via some big label is a mystery.


These are cuts that inspired Gil and Gen to do what they do, and they've clearly not just absorbed the music but have embraced the true spirit: from the superb solo on 'Rock And Roll Time' to the flute on 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue', it’s inspired.  You can feel the passion and belief in the notes played by a fine assembly of musicians pulled together by these guys.  


'Born Out Of Time' is both sleazy and appropriate and bang on the money, and gives the New Saints a damn good run for their money. As for the take on the Thunders classic 'It's Not Enough': I love the original and adore this.  But hold on, who on earth fleets from a Thunders classic to a dreamy Bee Gees duet of 'I've Got To Get A Message To You'? Either these kids are insane or they are supremely brave, or a mixture of the two: but, you know what? It makes perfect sense. But, here's the rub… they then swing a full 360 and dish out a visceral take of Ron Asheton and Deniz Tek slaughtering Destroy All Monsters on the great 'November 22, 1963' - brutal!


Just when the record takes a breather the air is punctured with a majestic take of the beautiful 'Debris', one of the finest songs The Faces ever penned and without a doubt the finest Ronnie Lane song ever: this is up there with a version done by Kevin Junior - wonderful!


To close this mixed bag of rock and roll is a tip of the hat to the one and only Jayne County with a flawless take on 'Rock And Roll Resurrection' which puts a nice full stop on this collection. Like I said, earlier boy do these guys nail it.  If you love rock and roll then take a chance and check ‘em out on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes, but don't pass it by. They got this covered so you don't have to.  A fantastic walk through these guys’ record collection: well worth investigating!


‘We Got You Covered’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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