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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 11 July 2017 04:00

Chesty-Were-StillDead-CoverWhat with the world right here right now in the middle of a conservative government in the UK and the Trump experience in the USA, it's like only rock and roll can save us now because the politicians are fucked! Enter the third album from the zombie-loving love children of the walking dead and Black Flag or the Misfits meets early Sabbath covering the Stooges or Dictators.  Fuck, I love these guys: they've never failed to make Über Rock sit up and take notice of what's going down on the east coast of the United States of America.  Chesty Malone is the perfect Trump antidote: just listen to the title track and tell me otherwise.  Hardcore punk is alive and its heart is beating faster and louder than ever… you need a dose of Chesty Malone in your black heart.  


I just love the Mexicana of 'El Matador': it's the perfect side step from the album's openers, even when it breaks out.  This album screams “fuck you” – and, if you're on board, then great: hop on it’s gonna be furious and might get a little bumpy. But, fuck me sideways, 'HSH' (Hellfire - Shitfire - Hellfire) says it all perfectly.  


'Fun Things To Do On Robberies' is a PMRC wet dream, but Chesty Malone AndThe Slice 'Em Ups are just warming up here and are definitely upping the ante on previous albums.  'I Look Like Hell' is like Texas Terri knocking out a Slayer tune when Slayer were hungry and up for the fight… Nah, they never had this much bollocks.


'Gorilla Girl From Outta Space' is a great sleazy groove, like they've been dining out on Cramps grooves whilst watching the Betty Blowtorch movie whilst get fucked up.  Like I've said, I love me some Chesty Malone, and this album just gets better and better:  far from running out of steam they are on fire! 


'Midnight Madness' is just setting the bar for the chug of 'Show ‘Em The Snake': whilst I'd rather not see anyone's snake thanks (petrified of ‘em) I love the circle pit inducing rhythm of this closing number.  Not a love song in sight (I don't think I've missed one) and nothing but ten of the best, delivered with the usual brutality and precision. With a nod and a wink, Chesty Malone keep it (un)real and ghoulishly good and have just delivered their best record to date. 


Now you know what to do, punk - go get it!


‘We're Still Dead’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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