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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 06 July 2017 04:30

Losing The Frequency FrontOK, OK, gather ‘round Über Rockers… I want to let you into a secret before it's not a secret and everyone out there knows about Kris Rodgers.  They'll all want a piece of his musical talents but you guys deserve the break. 


Kris should be known to some of you, because he was the guy cutting the mustard on keys with Scott Sorry on his recent tour of the UK and he also plays his way around a whole bunch of awesome records by bands on Rum Bar Records that I've had the pleasure of reviewing for you. Now another little-known secret is Kris also features on the up and coming Role Models record  - because they're awesome and needed his talent… because…  here's the rub… he's awesome! 


Also, it kinda makes me a bit sick that one person can carry so much talent; it's most unfair because clearly he's not only a bloody good keyboard player, and a good guy, but he knows how to write a bloody good tune or ten: and, to cap it all off, this dude can fucking sing like a rooster on these songs as well - Jesus! 


Right. This record kicks off with the sleazy barroom rocker that's 'Let Go'.  The arrangement is really good, as is the playing (but that was always a given): this is power poptastic.  'I Know' is full blooded and if it was playing in a bar I can guarantee you'd be looking for the jukebox to find out who it is, because you need to hear this again: from the uptempo pace to the gospel backing vocals this is rock ‘n’ roll as it should sound. 


The first single off the album is 'Black Widow': it's big and glorious and has the swagger of a guy in his element living life and rocking out and having the best time ever doing it… that mood is certainly present in 'No Place To Go'.


'Gone On To Long' sounds familiar in the beat, but it’s a fantastic blast, from those piano chords all the way to the hook on the chorus.  It's time for a 'Revolution' and the arrangement is brilliant on this John Cougar-esque rocka when John used to go for it. The total embodiment of a toe tapper if ever one was penned for doing just that. 


On the intro of 'Overrated' I thought the guy had tapped into the other side and made contact with Phil Lynott and they'd collaborated.  Some albums evoke moods from the listener - and that's not always a positive thing: some are dark and some risky; but albums like 'Losing The Frequency' just make me smile and think to myself that nobody's died here and the world can be a beautiful place and every now and then it's perfect to just turn up the stereo and kick back and sing along like nobody's listening. Well, this is that album: the track 'Rock N Roll Radio' is a summer’s breeze when it's hot in the city and should easily be number one with a bullet on FM radio stations everywhere.


With all this positivity and upbeat rock n roll on offer, I guess you wanted to know if Kris could even pen a slow one, a late night ballad!  Well, of course, he can! You didn't think a guy who can write and play this good wasn't going to do this, did you? Well, in fairness it's only half of that, because it has a long intro before breaking out like some lost ‘80s classic stab at adult rock not too far away from Meat Loaf if I might be so bold. Clocking in at over eight minutes, it's a bold closer - but Kris is the man and if anyone can pull it off he can.


A fresh and refreshing album of great songs arranged perfectly and played to the highest standard for our listening pleasure.  Once again Rum Bar deliver the goods and Kris Rodgers delivers a fantastic debut album - quick get hold of it and play it whilst the sun's still shining: it'll make your day go a lot better and take your stresses away.


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