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Written by Martin Haslam   
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 04:30

Suede Razor artworkIt's a first: a Spotify ‘recommendation’ that I HAD to buy! I think it was from a constant diet of Giuda and Cyanide Pills that Suede Razors turned up, and I’m mighty glad they did. Formed from members of the Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks and Hounds & Harlots in the San Francisco area, they remain ‘bovver boy’ in image, but take the sound in a more glam direction.


Indeed, the opening song on this six track mini-album, ‘Ready To Rock’, is textbook Giuda; chants, infectious guitar melody, foot-on -the-floor drums. It works, though, and certainly puts you in the mood for a raucous good time. ‘TV175’ is so good that, as a motorcyclist, I’ll forgive their love of mopeds. Reminiscent of Turbonegro’s ‘Sexual Harrassment’, with big riffs and rough, powerful vocals, it's a corker.


‘Bovver Girl’ adds honkytonk keys to a Slade on steroids tune. You’ll definitely get bruises at the front of the stage with this one. ‘Berlin Or Bust’ keeps up the tempo; an ode to the road and their favourite city. ‘All Nighter’ throws the kitchen sink of glam tricks at you; handclaps, boot-stomping, beefed-up Stones riffs. They clearly know their stuff and are in love with the music.


‘Keep On Rockin’ tips a nod to early AC/DC, but you can't fault the energy and enjoyment. Six songs that, if you have any love of ROCK, will have you leaping around your house like a loon. Music to stomp/head bang/pogo to. I only hope that they play the UK soon. It’d be a ‘must see’ gig. Keep your eyes peeled.


‘Razor Stomp’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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