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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 01 July 2016 03:20

One Soul ThrustDo you know when this landed in my inbox, I couldn’t help but smile, I’ve listened to Canada’s One Soul Thrust for virtually the whole time I’ve reviewed for Uber Rock, staying in touch with the band, listening to and following their story as a very interested observer.


This is album number three, or rather not. It’s a bit cryptic So why is this not LP number three? Because it’s released in two parts: ‘Hold The Vision’ coming first with ‘Trust The Process’ to follow. I listen to so little classic rock these days simply because it tended to become too formulaic so this is really a step back in time for me and it has to tick all the right boxes, not to have me reaching for the off button.


Let’s face facts some of the new stuff being churned out as classic rock was going nowhere and the genre had begun to wallow in its own waste. So what do we have? This album as already mentioned is being released in two parts each holding up against the other. Part one is six tracks of the eleven recorded, and I guarantee after hearing the first you will buy the second, because One Soul Thrust have just got better and better.


Salem Jones leads the way and in fairness here she really experiments with the sound and nature of the human voice. There’s a real classic seventies feel to the voice on opener ‘Pthumper’ which is a cracking musical back bone perfectly setting the feel. Latest single ‘Perfect Scream’ knocks the classic rock vibe out of the park and I’ll be honest I would love to see this live, I’d even go to HRH, potentially, well maybe, possibly. HA! Slow down Brooks.  Someone really should take a chance on these guys when you see the shit coming over to Download year on year. There are quite a few stand outs on the first part of the album from a classic rock viewpoint ‘Naked Arms Of Love’ could and would hold its own with anything in the Heart styled genre, again the power of the voice just hits you.


When it comes to the second part of the album ’Trust The Process’ see Salem adopting an almost schizophrenic urgency on opener ‘Bipolar Mo’, but always you have the counterpoint of Jags guitar and that rock solid rhythm section. ‘Shimmering wind’ too has a classic guitar sound, driving the band and track forward, leading rather than being led by the vocals. Elsewhere ‘Good Day’ and ‘Rock God’ again nail the classic rock vibe, while at the same time bringing things bang up to date.



If you like your rock of the classic kind, these are definitely for you, go on spoil yourself and get wrapped up in the sound of One Soul Thrust.


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