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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Friday, 01 July 2016 04:00

HellsBroken300If there's one thing that's always bugged me about modern bands trying to replicate the harder-edged cock rock that crawled out of the gutter post-'Appetite For Destruction' it's that fascination with stupid metal guitars nestled up under the tits of the band's six-stringers, the respective band members widdling away like Yngwie fuckin' Malmsteen when they should be concentrating on making all things guitar-based as effortlessly cool as Izzy Stradlin. Happily, Hell's Addiction sling their guitars low, and sound a shit-ton better for it.


Hailing from the city that can do no wrong, Leicester, Hell's Addiction opened the Boardie Takeover stage at this year's Download Festival, and the swell of momentum that comes with such an opportunity hasn't a chance of dwindling as the band's sophomore album is primed for release.


'Broken' follows the band's 2013 debut album, 'Raise Your Glass', and, just like The New Roses' 'Dead Man's Voice' and The Senton Bombs' 'Mass Vendetta', drags sleazy, street rock kicking, screaming, and (thin) Axl-dancing into 2016 with a bullet.


There's a definite GN'R influence here, a sizeable hit of prime Skid Row too, but I can't help but be reminded over this thumping second album's tracklisting of cocksure AC/DC-influenced bands ripping their way across stages over a quarter of a century ago: think Dangerous Toys, Johnny Crash, Jackyl even.


'Broken' is a gutsy, balls-to-the-wall record chock-full of high octane dirty rock anthems-in-waiting. With the exception of the title track, the epic feel of which discharges a more 'Use Your Illusion' than 'Appetite...' GN'R aesthetic, this album sounds just like the product of a band seen on rock club stages all over the country at the dawn of the nineties: that Hell's Addiction have managed to capture such a feeling over twenty-five years later is nothing short of remarkable... in a simplistic hard rockin' fashion, of course.


The Maiden-esque twin guitars invading the sounds on 'Passion For Power' are the nearest this outfit gets to a genuine misstep, but it's a minor blip as songs like the pulsing 'Holiday', the Rhino Bucket-kicker 'The Rocker', or the terrific throwback that is 'What You Gonna Do?' are sure to quench the thirsts of many an old school cock rock aficionado.


Miss these guys at your peril.